How To Fill Low Spots In The Lawn

The most common issue might happen with your lawn will be an uneven lawn with lawn ruts, low spots, or holes. This not only brings along an annoyance to look at the ugly yard surface but also creates the safety hazard for our children playing and running on it.

In this post, you will easily learn why causes this problem to your back yard. Some reasons can be avoided, some can’t. However, don’t be worried because we will share the easiest tips and instructions to get back your beautiful and lush yard.

What Makes Low Spots In Your Lawn?

There are several causes that lead to the bumpy and uneven lawn despite your effort to take care of it every weekend. We should try to minimize the effect of our unintentional actions to save time fixing this issue.

lawn spot

  1. Mowing: Mowing your lawn every weekend but following only your habitual cutting patterns will gradually create the holes or deep lines. Because the soil under your mower wheels will be compacted and become ruts.
  2. Wet soil: The bad situation is that while the land is still wet and mushy, you place some kinds of equipments like a wheelbarrow, lawn mower, etc on it and create ruts. The worse scenario is mowing the lawn while the soil is still damp. It’s undeniable to have pondings in your yard.
  3. Heavy stuff: Your kids usually leave their bikes at one specific place for a long time. Or even you leave the tree prunes on the lawn and forget to remove it. All these common actions can happen without notice.
  4. Pets, animals or kids from the neighborhood: The cute dog next door digs up a small hole in your yard to hide his thing. Another cute baby girls try to play in the yard and wind up the soil. Now we all know these perfect round shape hole made by whom, right?
  5. Tree Stumps: You have a tree removed and the low spot is made in the lawn. Another situation is that some underground woods are left rotting for a long time, and makes the soil collapsed then leaves a big hole.
  6. Buried things: While we bury stuff, we surely need to dig up the ground and later it leaves a quite large mark of the uneven ground at the spot. Or burning and burying the remains of trashes also can lead to soil collapse when they rot.

Tips For Level Out The Uneven Yard

Choose The Right Time

It is highly recommended that you should try renovating your back yard during the time that grasses can grow vigorously. This time can be different based on the grass types, but it usually falls into late spring for warm-season grasses or early fall for cool-season grasses.

Sand Cannot Be Used

You shouldn’t use pure sand to fill up all the holes in your yard. Originally, clays are all in the soil of every yard, which makes grasses really hard to grow up healthy and strong. So adding pure sand on top of this type of soil can make it become hardened and less fertile.

How Deep Are The Low Spots

When the bumpy symptom appears in a large area with the depth of low spots are less than an inch, removing the grasses on the surface is not required. However, in case the hole depth is more than an inch, please consider to pick up the grasses, fill the hole and lay the grass back in place.

How Should We Level Our Lawn?

  • Use the lawnmower at a low or short setting and cut your grasses really short. This will help us to navigate the location of problem areas.
  • Sweep and remove all thatch including dead or living plants on the surface of the lawn. Because they will block the water getting into the ground and raise the healthy grasses.
  • Prepare the bag of patching soil mixed half-half between mixing sand and topsoil to spread over the large bumpy area.
  • Try to keep the new soil mix not exceeding 1/2 inch thick compared with the height of existing grasses so that the grass can grow through them. Otherwise, those soil mix might block and kill the living grasses. Use the rake to help to spread soil mix all over the surface.
  • After leveling the area, we should lightly fertilize the part and new soil, then water the whole lawn thoroughly. We should wait for at least a month to let the grass grow over and level out the low spots perfectly before starting this process again.

With all the above information, we hope that you can easily bring back your amazing carpet-like green yard so that your kids can enjoy every childhood moment with safety and comfort.

How To Fill Low Spots In The Lawn