How To Dethatch A Lawn With A Mower Attachment

Dethatching a lawn is something you want to do to remove dead grass and roots that have kind of built up overtime. And with a mower attachment, it’s really easy to do.

How To Dethatch A Lawn With A Mower Attachment

First, buy yourself a thatching blade to attach it to the mower. The thatching blades are not quite expensive, so you can get it at any supplies stores.

The way this attached blade works is that it actually drags this wire or springs through the grass. As that goes around, it’s going to pull up and rip out dead grass and roots. After that, you’re going to have to clean all that up.

Step 1: Mowing

Before you dethatch your lawn, you want to mow it so you have the grass down at a lower height, right up to the edges.

dethatching lawn

Step 2: Attaching The Mower

  • Now you have to attach the thatching blade to the mower. A lot of those blades have a label that says grass side so you know which way it faces down.
  • Then, we’re going to tilt the mower back. You want to be mindful as you to tilt it back that you’re not dumping out your oil or gas. With the blade propped against this wood and the mower secured in place, we will work on loosening this nut.
  • Pay attention to the direction of the curve on the blade, you’ll notice that it curves up towards the top. You want to make sure that when it goes back, it’s facing the same way. Also be careful not to lose any of the mounting brackets.

Step 3: Testing

Now we can test it on the grass to see whether the mower attachment can dethatch the lawn properly

You’ll notice how this is secured together and held in place into that shaft. As you go to dethatch your lawn, it’s important to get you thatching blade at the right height.

So it’s going to actually be pulling up some of the dead grass, the footings and the dead roots. Just organic matter that kind of built up and covers the soil and help block some nutrients from getting down to the roots.

Step 4: Adjusting And Dethatching

Sometimes, the blade is not really even touching where the roots and the grass and the soil all meet. So, it’s too high. We’re going to move the lawn mower to the sidewalk to make it easier to adjust.
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To adjust the mower attachment height, we want to have the top of the tines just touching or just barely above the top of the concrete. To make the adjustment, lower the wheels and do from the back one first.

With the wheels down, this is maybe a quarter inch to an eighth of an inch above the side of the concrete. So, let’s see how that works if it works at thatching.

Other Ways Of Dethatching Lawn:

If you don’t want to put that thatching blade on, you’ve got a few other options. You can just use a rake to do the dethatching. That obviously takes a little more work and not quite as productive. But you can thatch by hand like that. There’s also a dethatching machine that you could rent or buy.

But above all, dethatching a lawn can be done in a fastest, easiest way by using a lawn mower blade attachment. They’re built specifically for that and can do a great job of dethatching. It’s really easy to do. Hope this is helpful for you.

How To Dethatch A Lawn With A Mower Attachment