Heavy Equipment to Make a Gardener’s Life Easier

People can’t live without plants. Plants provide us with oxygen, food, and for some people, happiness too! That’s why a lot of homeowners cultivate plants in their backyard. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, you know very well that you need gardening tools and equipment to make your life easier, and one of them is heavy equipment.

Backhoe loader

Here’s a list of heavy equipment you can use when doing a gardening project.

1. Mini excavator

This is a great tool when it comes to gardening and landscaping jobs due to the following:

● A mini excavator is available on wheels or tracks, which is why it’s useful for trenching for drainage and installation of an irrigation system.
● As it can rotate a full 360 degrees, this heavy equipment is also ideal for lifting heavy pieces and digging dirt.
● It’s also easy to use as the operator just sits in the cab to have full visibility of the area being worked on.
● A mini excavator can also come with various attachments, making it a very versatile equipment for gardening.

2. Trencher

An irrigation system is very important in a garden. The trencher is very helpful when it comes to extensive underground plumbing because:

● It has a conveyor system used to carry some excavated materials.
● Several digging implements can be used with this digging implements to create different trench sizes.
● Its attachments are perfect for smaller jobs, such as backyard gardening.

The trencher should be used with utmost care because it is a high-risk equipment if handled inappropriately.

3. Scraper

If you’re cultivating a large open area, this type of heavy equipment can be beneficial. Moving dirt and aggregates within the site easily is the primary application of this machinery. It can run at higher speeds; that’s why cut and fill activities can be easily accomplished with this equipment. What’s good with the scraper is that it can be used without the need for additional equipment.

4. Compact Track Loader

When it comes to any gardening work, a small and compact track loader is a valuable machine because of the versatility and maneuverability of its attachments.

Carrying plant materials, digging, loading, and grading are the typical uses of this type of heavy equipment. The tracks on this machinery are capable of floating over minor dips to achieve a smoother grading performance. It’s also ideal for rough ground conditions that are wet, soft or sandy.

5. Backhoe Loader

With a slight similarity to tractors, this type of machine has an adjustable shovel located in front and a small bucket located at the back for digging. It can backfill, move dirt, and dig trenches. What makes a backhoe loader more useful is its different attachments that will allow you to dig several widths of trenches. Moreover, it’s tire mounted; that’s why it can be used in patios and other urbanized areas. And, if you wish to use a backhoe loader for the day or week, check out the cost to rent one.

6. Skid-Steer loader

Skid steer loader

As you may already know, versatility is an essential element in heavy equipment. One of the best attributes of a skid-steer loader is that its work tools or attachments can accomplish many tasks. It also has rubber tires, which make it very suitable for gardening and landscaping projects


Reap the benefits of a gardening by using the right tools and equipment to accomplish your tasks. You can move dirt, plant trees and shrubs, and install an irrigation system with the help of heavy equipment. And if you’re looking to replace any part of your heavy equipment, there are reliable providers out there like Fortis Tracks that can offer the highest quality replacement parts from North America, Australia, and across the world.