Getting Rid of Bugs and Mosquitoes in Your House

Almost every household has the same problem, especially during season-changing times- mosquitoes and bugs. Mosquitoes will not just bite you but are also carriers of many life-threatening diseases. So, you have to get rid of them as soon as possible. Before you use bug zappers or go finding other means to get rid of bugs and mosquitoes let us have a deeper look and bugs and mosquitoes.

How do bugs and mosquitoes affect us?

Have you ever heard of the term vector? Vectors are living things that spread disease from themselves to the host body. Mosquitos and some insects and bugs are known as vectors. When they bite us, they release the harmful microorganisms that are responsible for deadly diseases. The harmful microbes enter the host body (our bodies) and later multiply into thousands of microbes and slowly affect our immunity system. Diseases like Leishmaniasis, Malaria, Dengue fever among others are vector-borne.

What brings them into the environment we live in?

One might wonder what makes the bugs, especially mosquitoes, cohabit with us. Well, unlike other organisms, mosquitoes don’t need a perfect environment to live in. Rather, a pool of stagnant water would work just fine for them. If you have a marshy or unkempt surrounding, then the chances of having mosquitoes and bugs are high.

How do the mosquitoes track us?

Don’t we all get irritated by the continuous buzzing of the mosquitoes? Well, we all do! But have you ever wondered how mosquitoes even track us? They mainly get to their victims  through the following:

  •       The carbon dioxide that we release.
  •       Through the body odor that we produce when we sweat.
  •       Through the emission of our body heat.

Ways to get rid of bugs and mosquitoes

Now that you have known how mosquitoes remain within our environments, and how they affect us, what are some of the ways we can get rid of them? Here are a few ways by which you can get rid of them:

  1.     Keep your surroundings clean

The most basic thing you can do to get rid of insects and bugs is by cleaning your surroundings. Make sure that your surroundings don’t have an unkempt lawn or any stagnant water. Trim all long grasses and bushes around your home. Also, clean the drains regularly. The moment you keep your surroundings clean, the lesser the bugs and mosquitoes will bother you.

  1.     Use a mosquito net

The simplest way to keep yourself safe from any mosquitoes and bugs is getting yourself a mosquito net. You can use the net when you are going to sleep after a long tiring day. You have to use it as a tent around your bed and sleep inside it. Tuck in all corners properly so no mosquitoes can get in. When you use the mosquito net properly you can be assured of a good night’s sleep.

  1.     Use repellents

Nowadays, a lot of different kinds of repellents are available in the market. Once applied, they help to repel mosquitoes and bugs around you. So before going out to play or even when at home, apply the repellents; this will save you from the harsh bites of mosquitoes and other insects.

  1.     Clean and drain all stagnant water

When was the last time you cleaned the water accumulated in your cooler or around the compound? Probably long ago. But you should keep your surroundings clean as any stagnant water acts as the breeding grounds for mosquitoes and bugs. Make sure that you have cleaned the drains and coolers regularly so that the insects have no breeding ground.

  1.     Use camphor

Everyone loves the smell of camphor but not bugs and mosquitoes. This home remedy has been in use for ages. All you have to do is get yourself camphor and burn it, keeping all the doors and windows closed. After half an hour, you’ll notice that there are no more mosquitoes in the room.

  1.     Dry ice

The biggest source of carbon dioxide is dry ice. And as we all know apart from body odor; carbon dioxide also attracts mosquitoes. So, to attract and kill the mosquitoes, keep some dry ice in a container and allow the mosquitoes to come into the container. Once all the mosquitoes get in, shut the lid. Now you can enjoy your freedom since the mosquitoes are captured.

  1.     Garlic

It is a myth that garlic keeps vampires away, but it is a proven fact that garlic keeps mosquitoes away from your home. The strong essence of garlic proves to be a party killer for them. So, if you want to get rid of them using some simple home remedies, you can use garlic water. Just crush some garlic cloves, add them to boiling water and spray the garlic-infused water across the room and you can be sure mosquitoes will be repelled.

In conclusion, cleanliness around the whole home is the secret to keeping bugs and mosquitoes away from your compound. If you follow the above tips to the letter, you can be assured of a home free of bugs.