Gardeners Edition: How To Create A Perfect Tool Shed

A shed is a perfect space that can be extra storage in your house, but it needs to stay organized and clean in order for it to be functional. You probably want to store some old clothes, all of your tools and extra gadgets in there, and you can’t just pile them up in one place and call it a day. That is why it is great to know some organizing tips in order to keep the space clean and you can even do some redecorating in order to make the shed stand out in your yard.

Hang Your Larger Tools

Snow shovels, rakes, brooms, garden spades – all these tools are large and tall and it seems impossible to store them neatly. If you shove them in the corner, they just keep piling up, or they eventually slip down and fall on the floor. That is why it’s best to hang them. People often install hooks on the walls of the shed and hang such tools on top of each other. However, this can be a nice solution unless you have to use the tools frequently, and this technique makes it difficult to reach the tools on the bottom.

That is why you should try using PVC pipes to store your tall tools! Simply hang a few pieces of pipes on the wall and give each of your tools and individual home.

Garden Tools

Pegboards All Over

Sometimes, the shed doesn’t really have that much horizontal space or you need it for something else. That is why you should rely on your walls as storage. If you are looking to find some great ideas to store your tools, make sure to consider pegboards.

Pegboards simply fit great into sheds and workshops because it’s easy to store the tolls on them. There are even multiple sizes of them, which simply means that you can carefully design and use the space you have in the shed. And if you get creative with them, you can greatly impact the decor inside the shed. These are great for all kinds and sizes of tools – there are heavy-duty pegs which are a great space for hanging power tools, such as sanders, cordless drills, jigsaws, and even leaf blowers and ladders. For those smaller tools, you can use smaller pieces of pegboards and make each tool accessible besides your working station.

What is more, you can fill up space on the backside of the doors and store a few pieces on there using hooks, pegboards, and even shoe organizers. This way, you will free up so much floor space and always know where to find your tools.

Refresh the Paint

Your shed should look great from the outside, too. And the easiest way to accomplish that is to give it a fresh coat of paint. You can match the exterior of the shed with the exterior of your home and have a uni-coloured yard. On the other hand, if you want it to stand out you can go for a calming light blue or purple, and even yellow will breathe in some life in it.

Surround It with Nature

Even though your shed might be just for storing tools, it doesn’t mean it can’t look calming. Since it is already in your backyard you should surround it with more nature even though it might be tucked in the corner of the yard. Get some grassy plants, vines and window boxes and filled them with colourful flowers and decorate the shed. It will instantly become a calm place and you will always smile when you see it. Plus, that secluded corner of your yard will exude tranquillity and make the time you spend outside even more enjoyable.

What is more, you can even hang a few planters inside the shed and make it instantly look much better and pleasant to work in. And don’t forget the climbing vines if you want to “hide” the shed a bit. 

Build it From Scratch

If you want some additional space for storing your tools and you simply don’t want to disturb the looks of the shed you already have, then you can easily build your own tool shed. First, you should determine the size of the shed you need. Then, you will need some lumber for the frame, plywood or OSB for flooring, tongue and groove slats for roofing, a bit more lumber for the trims and screws, hinges and latches.

Cut the pieces do the desired dimensions, or follow this pattern, and start screwing things in. Start by building all the frames first and then slowly add plywood for flooring. When the rest of the frames are done, simply attach the sides, screw in hinges for the door and top it all of with a roof. You don’t have to be a professional in order to pull this off, you just have to be patient and measure twice and cut once. After it’s done, you can do some decorating and figure out the system for hanging your tools, depending on how many pieces you have and you are done.

Shed Planning

Things Not to Store in the Shed

In order for your shed to stay perfect and safe, you need to know what objects and materials you should never store in there. Firstly, you should avoid storing cardboard boxes in there because they are easy to damage due to humidity or moisture and they can be infested by rodents, mold or insects. Secondly, avoid storing bulk pet food or bird seeds in there because that will only invite pests to invade or the food could get spoiled due to climate changes. Also, never store unused paint in the shed because hot and cold temperatures will only degrade its quality and you are risking spilling it and contaminating the whole area. Lastly, storing gasoline in the shed is a major fire hazard and you are better storing it in a detached shed. However, make sure it’s properly stored in a container, 50 ft away from any lights or ignition sources and keep it on the floor but far from the child’s reach. This way, your shed will stay clean and safe for anyone to use.

We often neglect our sheds and we let the weather control its looks. However, with some organization skills and tips, new coats of paint and smaller repairs you can have a safe and cozy shed that stores all of your tools in a safe manner.

Morgan Rose Elliott is an aromatherapist, yoga instructor, animal lover, a happily married mother of three. She enjoys reading biographies and writing poems, sunny days on the beach and any shape and form of vanilla. Crazy about the ’80s, her favourite band is Duran Duran (although kids prefer Franz Ferdinand, and the husband Blink182) and she is obsessed with Netflix original Stranger thingshttps://twitter.com/MorganRoseElli1