Trendy Shed Makeover Ideas

A shed is a man’s laboratory. If you are a woodworker or car man, high-tech tools must litter your shed. Or, if you are an artist, a shed is a studio and gallery. We have some great ideas to make your shed look amazing. You will at least find a few that are perfect for your shed.

Tiny Garden shed


Curtains look beautiful in the shed. Just imagine enchanted curtains on all sides or just a few on every corner. There are many ways to decorate your shed with curtains. Go all out when it comes to colour, patterns, and texture of the fabric.

For a more polished look, you can stick to one colour scheme or theme for your shed. If you’re a fan of the colour blue, use different shades of blue for your curtains. This will look better if other items in your shed have the same colour as your curtains.

Girl’s Shed

If you are a really good daddy, then you will give your only private space to your daughter. It can be her magical escape or clubhouse. A Powerpuff girls theme or a Hello Kitty theme could liven the place up. You could also go with a pink background with big hearts. Or you could go with angels. You can use a handheld paint sprayer with stencils for this.


Applying wallpaper on the walls of the shed means no big buckets of paint. Wallpapers come in all sorts of designs and can be very vibrant though cheap. Applying wallpaper is easy, but if you want it done right for the first time, get a professional to do it for you. They can install a brand-new wallpaper in your garage for a couple of hours. Also, look for custom designs as that is now possible.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl tile is beautiful to look at, and it is functional too. It protects the floor from damage, but still, it’s better not to spill water. And even if you do, it is always best to clean up as soon as possible. You can use a polyethylene vapor barrier to prevent moisture. Vinyl tiles are popular recently, and the trend is not showing signs of dimming.


If your shed is your workshop and you engage in regular production, you need organization. If you don’t have your tools in order, it will affect the productivity of your work. And this is regardless of whether you are a woodworker or a mechanical engineer.

Depending on the tools you plan to store in your shed, you can ask for help from professionals such as www.murraysteelbuildings.com/steel-garages/ to install a steel garage in your property, or you can opt to make storage areas on your own. For the latter, you can use a pegboard or bespoke cabinets to organize all of your small knick-knacks. For larger tools, consider mounting racks on the walls or using vintage cabinets to keep all of your valuables in one place. There are countless organization hacks you can do in your shed—just make sure that you exert time and effort in maintaining the cleanliness of your space.

Custom Cabinets

Some people think that they can’t get their shed in shape because they have too much stuff in them. That is not the case if you install cabinets. They can be of any shape or size, and they can store all the clutter. And that will leave you with a workspace.

Garden Tool Rack

If you are a passionate gardener, your shed probably has a heap of gardening tools. If you keep your tools in a messy fashion, there is a higher chance of accidents and damage. What you need is a garden tool rack. With it, you can organize all your tools so that they are away from moisture and children. 

Garden shed makeover

Make a Shrine of Collector’s Items

One great use of a shed is collecting valuable collectibles. Buy comics, action figures, and other authentic merchandise, and store them away in the shed. They will increase in value as time passes, so you will be potentially sitting on a fortune. This is something to show off to people. For this reason, make shelves or get glass containments with built-in lighting.

Mini Library

If you love books, why not turn your shed into a mini-library. You can hire a professional to make bookcases for you. Or you could buy one from a furniture store. Next, go book shopping. This is the best part of this plan. You can go and shop for all the books that you want until your pocket is empty. After that, you want a nice and comfortable sofa with a lovely blanket. And if you have a portable heater, then bring that in too. Now you have the perfect mini library.

Office Space

If you are a freelancer, you need a little office for yourself at home. It’s a nice little place where you can keep your things, and there are no kids to mess it up. For that, get yourself a laptop or desktop computer. Next, get a desk and a whiteboard. You will also need a good pair of headphones and a relaxing reclining chair.

Depending on your daily routine and nature of work, you can also consider investing in storage bins to maintain the organization of your office space. It’ll be very easy for you to work during the day if you can find what you’re looking for the moment you need it.

Kids’ Playhouse

If you have kids and they need a good place for playing, then build a playhouse in your shed. You can fill a small corner with coloured plastic balls that your kids can jump into. You could also install a little slide or a twisting cylinder you can crawl into. Go for primary colours like red, yellow, and blue. Just remember that it’s supposed to be a place of fantasy.

For this playhouse to continuously provide enjoyment to your kids and the entire family, teach your kids how they can properly store their toys. This will teach them a lot about responsibility and make it easy for you to maintain the condition of their playhouse.

Game Room

A game room is another fun direction that is worth exploring. It’s perfect if you have teens or young adults in the house. For a good game room, you need a good large screen tv. Next, you need the latest PlayStation or Xbox. After that, you need an awesome sound system and two reclinable sofas. It would be great if you can get some portable controllers too. Now cover the walls with your favourite game posters and keep all your games in a legendary game rack. Finally, don’t forget a fridge full of beer and peanuts.

Mom’s Shed

Your mom deserves the shed as much as anyone else. There are a lot of wonderful things that come to mind that can make mom happy. An organized place for bags and shoes will be lovely next to a parlor. She also needs a nice place to completely relax like a cozy sofa. And a flat-screen TV is like the cherry on top.

Dad’s Pub

If you want a bar, then get a fridge and a good old-fashioned bar table. You also need chairs and ashtrays. As for entertainment, get a TV. Finally, load up on all the booze that you can. The next game is going to be amazing.


You can easily transform your shed into an observatory. However, you do need a telescope for that. The more powerful the telescope, the better. You could also print out the constellations and stick them on the wall. It’s a wonderful place to spend time in every night as you do your staller charting. You might fall asleep sometimes, so a mattress with a few pillows will do good.