Expensive Home Repairs You Can Avoid with a Little Maintenance

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of discipline in your home maintenance strategy to avoid expensive home repairs. Whether you have been living in a house for years or have only recently moved in, it is never too early to start taking care of your home. Damages vary in shape and size, but when it comes to keeping your property clear from expensive restoration, prevention is always key. Slip-on some gloves, follow these seven maintenance tips and save yourself a few thousand in repairs.

Foundation Damage

Although they remain hidden from our sight, it is hard to imagine a home without strong foundations. It is therefore not surprising that the cost of repairing foundation damage scales up rather quickly. The perpetual wetness of the Irish weather is no gift for your foundations, which are exposed to shifting soil and water damage throughout most of the year.

To make sure that your house doesn’t suddenly crumble at your feet, you should carry out regular foundation checks. These include looking for any signs of damage at the base of your home. If you spot any cracks or slanted door frames, you should immediately contact a professional to take a closer inspection of your foundations.

Water Damage

Water can leak from pipes, heaters, windows, walls and even roofs to essentially leave your entire home exposed to the risk of water damage. Avoiding expensive home repairs means keeping the water away from your wooden floors and doors.

Once the floorboards start warping and mould begins to grow, repairs become much trickier. You should be calling your plumber at the first putrid smell.

You should try to always keep an eye out for any small leaks, especially in bathrooms and kitchens by regularly checking your sinks and heaters for potential drips and mineral deposits. This is one of the most common reasons for home insurance claims in Ireland.

Electrical Wiring

Times seem long gone when homes lacked any proper electrical wiring, especially when one considers the crucial role they now play in the well-functioning of most homes.

To keep it running smoothly and safely, it is important to take note of all your fixtures and appliances and any risks associated with them. Even the slightest of problems in one component can quickly trigger an overall electrical failure. At best, this will keep you in the dark for a few days; at worst, it may trigger a house fire.

Look out for Mould

Mould is a silent killer to both your home and your wallet. Underestimated by homeowners, mould can creep into the most remote parts of your home and lead to a variety of health issues.

Mould grows in moist regions so caring for leaks as soon as they appear is essential. If you want to avoid having to throw away any contaminated furniture, you should try to inspect your home on a regular basis and look out for discoloured walls.

If it happens that there is already mould growing in your house, then you should get rid of it immediately, consider using dehumidifiers or calling for the professional services that are using commercial dehumidifiers.

Care for Your Roof

There’s no house without a roof. If the latter becomes faulty, it is likely to trigger a chain of further damages which will quickly deteriorate the entire interior.

Luckily, most roofs are designed to last for a long time as long as they are subject to check-ups and small repairs when necessary. Replace any holes as soon as they arise to avoid spending multiple thousands of new roofing.

Plumbing Problems

Most of the time, we shower, wash our hands and clean the dishes without much of a second thought. It is only when a pipe bursts that we acknowledge the strain placed on them by our daily usage. When you call a professional to inspect your drain annually, this can tremendously help in preventing not only the problem but also the hassle it brings.

Any maintenance and yearly inspections should be carried out by professionals to avoid contamination of the water by certain chemicals or waste.

Fire Damage

Fires can start from a faulty toaster just as well as from a forgotten candle. As futile as this lapsus of judgments might be, their consequences can be devastating. Fire and smoke damage demand extensive repairs on any affected area.

If you actually own a fireplace, make sure that it stays clean to avoid blocking your chimney with accumulated ash. With regards to other home appliances, try to keep them unplugged and away from water whenever possible. Having a fully functioning fire alarm is also essential in minimising potential damage.

Home Insurance for Emergency Renovations

With the weather becoming more extreme every year, storms and floods have continued to ravage homes across Ireland. When such relentless forces of nature are at play, basic maintenance is not enough to prevent the cost of renovations from blowing up beyond your classic insurance cover and leave you without a home.

With over a century of history in Ireland, AA Insurance knows how to help you in such cases of emergencies to assist you with your repairs and get you and your family back into your home as soon as possible.