Cutting Down A Tree In Pieces – Full Guide

Trees in your yard or property would normally add some natural aesthetics to your environment. Trees in your yard will offer natural canopy under which you can stretch out and relax to enjoy the cool fresh air. Trees in a yard rejuvenate the atmospheric air. Trees use up the carbon-dioxide while replenishing the atmosphere with an abundance of oxygen that will benefit you.

The presence of trees in your yard brings you closer to nature as you may be blessed having some birds nesting and roost on the tops of the trees. What a natural gift waking up in the morning to the sweet tweeting and chirping of birds.

In-as-much as trees offers you lots of advantages in your yard, their presence can somewhat become troublesome. Trees may pose great concerns, especially when introducing into a neighbor’s yard. When trees begin to pose problems and concern in your yard, the next option is to prune the troublesome branches, to cut down some minor or major branches, or to totally remove the whole tree.

Why You May Want To Cut Down A Tree In Your Yard

You may want to cut down a tree in your yard for the following reasons

  • If a tree is becoming too old and withering off
  • If a major branch of a tree is infected or diseased
  • If the branches are spreading uncontrollably into other compounds
  • If the whole tree is dead

What To Consider Before Cutting Down A Tree

You need to consider some factors before you embark on the process of cutting down a tree in your compound.. This will save you from some unexpected hassles that may arise

  • Location and position of the tree: Is it free from other structures such as your own buildings or a neighbor’s fence or building, or other valuables.
  • Consider the features of the tree; – the height, width, the formation of branches, Can you personally manage and handle the tree cutting process?
  • If you decide to handle the cutting yourself, do you have the required tools for the operation?
  • If you cannot handle the process, can you then engage the services of a professional such as Canopy Tree Removal to handle the cutting process?
  • Also, it is imperative to consider the season to cut the tree. The ideal time is during the dormant season.

It is very much possible to bring down a tree just in one swell swoop, but the danger here is that you may end up damaging some important structures in your yard and most regrettably in your neighbors’ yard too. To avoid this agony, the best manageable option is to cut down the tree in a little chunk at a time especially if the tree is standing in a crowded area. This is more cumbersome though, but it is much safer. 

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What You Need To Cut Down A Tree In Pieces:

  • An effective chainsaw
  • A firm and stable tripod ladder
  • Guiding rope, and
  • Fall arrest support

The Cutting Process

  • Carefully erect the tripod ladder near the tree. Use a piece of rope to secure the ladder to the tree trunk .
  • Then get the chainsaw ready, and put on the chain break. Secure a rope to the chainsaw handle. This is to enable you to lift the chain saw to the top of the tree where you needed it.
  • Next, securely faster the fall arrest harness around your waist and bind the securing line of the harness around the tree trunk. Then, tie the two ends of the line to your fall arrest harness. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions of your fall-arrest harness for absolute safety.
  • You are therefore good to ascend the tree using the well-secured tripod ladder. Gently pick up the rope already attached to the chainsaw handle as you ascend the tree. Remember to mark out the bottom of the sections of the tree you intend to slash down with rope.
  • Now, when you have ascended to the segment of the tree you want to cut down, pull the rope you have previously attached to the chainsaw to lift it up to your side and get hold of the chainsaw handle. Start the cutting exercise with the chainsaw just somewhere above the place you have tied the rope on the trunk.
  • Place the saw at an angle 90 degrees on the trunk you intended to cut down. Cut the trunk about 1/3, turn the chainsaw to cut at another 90 degrees on the opposite direction of the trunk. Now descend the ladder and re-position and secure it to the opposite side of the tree trunk.
  • Carefully ascend the ladder aiming to reach the opposite side of the cut you have made on the trunk. Begin to cut through the trunk in a straight pattern until the saw meets the previously cut angle. Now the trunk will begin to fall away. Get hold of the falling trunk and gently guide it to the ground.
  • Descend the ladder and repeat the procedure for all other segments of the tree you want to cut down.

Safety instructions

  • It is advisable to work with a friend or an adult member of your family for assistance in lowering the cut trunks to the ground.
  • Remember to wear safety gloves, protective head helmet, and safety goggles during the exercise.