Curb Appeal Ideas: Modern Ways to Improve Your Home Exterior with Colours

The key to having an outdoor space that you can enjoy all year long is making it beautiful and functional. One way to achieve this is by painting your home exterior. It is a way of creating a positive impression for your visitors and guests.



Importance of painting for home exterior

The big fact is that painting has functional and visually attractive benefits to any property. You will notice the difference once away as soon as you add a lick of paint to your home’s exterior.

If you are not yet convinced of the benefits of painting for your home, begin by reading the importance of painting your home exterior below. 

Superior beauty

This is self-explanatory. Whether you do not like the colour of your house from the start of your home has had the same paint colour for years, a fresh coat of paint can dramatically improve your home’s appearance. Never underestimate the visual appeal that home exterior painting offers. Even adding a simple colour can enliven your home and give it a newer look. 

Boost property value

When a property appraiser is examining your house value, a recent change in paint colour can tremendously impact the market value of your property. It is said that exterior painting has a return on investment of 55%.

Enhanced kerb appeal

If your aim is to resell your property, then your priority will be to improve its aesthetic value. One way to do this is to paint your home exterior. Curb appeal revolves around creating a positive impression for your home buyer the moment he walks through your home’s gate for the first time. It is about gaining a foothold in the house sale process. If your prospective buyers are impressed with the beauty of your home’s exterior, they may wish to see its interior and close the sale of the property.

Safeguard your home against the elements

Mother nature can be very unfriendly to your property. Adverse natural conditions like pest infestation, snow, sleet, wind and rain can pose a significant threat to your home. But with the right paint, you can protect your home from these elements to an extent. Paints can add an extra layer of protection to your home’s exterior, protect against moisture, dampness, mildew and mould damage and save you thousands of pounds in repairs and renovations. It can even deter pests from feeding on your exterior. 

Fixes damage

A fresh link to the paint can be used to highlight significant issues with your property’s exterior that are mostly overlooked. This myriad of flaws includes water stains, decaying wood, dampness, mould and mildew and so on. These problems can be uncovered while coating your home’s exterior.

It is trendy

High-quality paint can boost the appearance of your home exterior without breaking the bank. It can improve the beauty of your home. If you wish to add value to the look of your home, try adding a new coat of paint to it.

Prevents peeling and staining

A coat of paint on your home exterior can help it withstand tough conditions. This is why it should be done properly. Painting is a good way of resisting stains. Lots of high-quality exterior paints are impervious to flaking and chipping. 

Gives your home a distinctive look

To create a positive impression of your property, painting your home exterior is important. Your outdoor area should look attractive every time. To add to the distinctiveness of your home, get a quality coat of paint. 

Prevents moisture

In addition to boosting your home’s curb appeal, painting areas in your outdoor space can assist in averting moisture damage, wood decay and other defects caused by fluctuations in weather conditions. Coating your home exterior with paint is a great way to prevent moisture, even during wintertime. It safeguards and protects your home against water leaks.

Better indoor air quality

Newer paints enhance your home’s air quality as they emit fewer off-gases in comparison to older paints. 

Tips to help improve your home’s exterior with colour

Here are some tips to help improve your home’s exterior with colour:

Paint your home exterior

This is among the most budget-friendly strategies to improve the appearance of your property. Ensure you factor in your home’s architectural layout, exterior material and the colour of neighbouring homes when selecting a colour scheme for your exterior. 

Colourful siding

Vinyl sidings are known to resist weather elements. They are available in multiple colours to fit your home exterior.


Ensure your outdoor lights, door knockers, mailboxes, and even house numbers have a matching colour scheme for a more coherent appearance.  


Install decking board products in different colours other thanks the normal dark colour or paint your driveway, pathway or patio. This will add style and elegance to your home exterior. 

Entry point

Your front door is a great area to add colours. Besides painting, glass inserts and doorlites can be used to add beauty to your door.

Statement Windows

Statement windows are known for their distinctiveness, well-considered design and aesthetic appeal. Consider adding cladding to accentuate your home and safeguard your window’s exterior. It is available in multiple colour varieties if you need to fit or contrast them with your vinyl siding. 


Ornamental shutters can complement or match the colour of your home exterior, giving a vintage appeal to homes with colonial or classical designs. Ensure you go for durable and easy-upkeep materials resistant to decay or crack, like composite, PVC and fibreglass.


Real stones can boost the curb appeal of any kind of property. You can opt for a stone veneer, a budget-friendly option to improve your home exterior.

Roof Colour

A change in roof colour is a highly significant home improvement. To add a sense of cohesiveness, opt for a roof colour that matches your siding. 


In this article, we explored some of the benefits of adding colour to your home exterior through painting and techniques you can use to improve the beauty of your outdoor areas.