9 Home Improvement Projects That Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or would like to make it look posher, making some home improvements would be a great way to make it happen. When considering home improvements and renovations, look for ways you can make them beneficial and beautiful for your home at the same time. 



Listed below are some home improvement projects that help increase your home’s value:

  • Build A Deck Or Patio

If your property has plenty of outdoor space, turning it into something more purposeful would be a great home improvement project. You can add a deck or patio in your backyard or front, which should help increase your property’s living space.

To add beauty, you can also create a shade structure, such as a pergola or standard ceiling to keep you covered. Beautiful brackets will help define the space and keep it from looking too blank. You can check out Hardie Boys or other similar businesses, and consult with them on various bracket designs that help add character to your ceilings. 

Additionally, you can beautify your patio by adding outdoor furniture and decorations to keep it from looking too plain and simple. Ensure that you choose outdoor furniture materials that best suit the environment you’re living in.

  • Update Your Kitchen

When people buy houses, one of the first things they look at is the kitchen’s condition. Most people love spending time in the kitchen as this is the heart of every home. If your kitchen still uses outdated appliances and design, you might not attract as many homebuyers as possible. With that, you should update your kitchen. 

You can begin by repainting your cabinets, updating your countertops, and adding a backsplash detail. You can even modernize your lighting by adding pendants and under-the-cabinet lighting for added depth. 

  • Repurpose Your Attic Or Basement

If you’re using your attic or basement as another storage space, you might want to consider repurposing them into something more useful and functional for your home. You can transform it into another room, woodworking station, mom’s den, movie room, or home office. There are plenty of things you can do with your attic or basement, which should help maximize the living area inside your home. 

  • Boost Curb Appeal

One of the deciding factors in determining a home’s value is curb appeal. Since this sets the tone of your property, you need to ensure that it looks amazing. It should also match your interior’s mood. 

You can repaint your exterior surfaces with fresh and modern colors and replace your main door with a larger frame. It’ll also help if you could improve your landscaping by hiring a landscape artist or making some improvements yourself. A part of your curb appeal would be how you decorate your backyard. It could be adding a pool or fireplace, which should help improve your entire property’s appearance. 

  • Enhance Energy Efficiency

Everyone would appreciate living in a home that’s energy efficient. This helps them save on energy costs, which would be great for their pockets. You can begin by installing solar panels in your home and letting yourself use as much energy as possible without paying a hefty price. 

Alternatively, you can improve your home’s insulation and apply heat-resistant film to your windows, allowing you to invite the light but not the heat inside your home. You can also seal your doors and windows properly to prevent the cool or warm air from escaping the room. 

  • Modernize Bathrooms

Apart from your kitchen, an old-looking bathroom can also turn your homebuyers off. Some people like to use their bathroom as their relaxation haven as it’s the only place in the house where they can be totally alone (if they don’t have their own room). They can take a shower or indulge themselves in a relaxing bath to cap off their day. With an old bathroom, they might not find the calmness and overall atmosphere they need. 

To modernize your bathrooms, you can install a glass enclosure to your shower area, use a standstill tub, switch to a smart toilet, and add plenty of storage inside the bathroom. There are ways you can add storage without making the room look too crowded. 

  • Switch To Smart Home Technology

Today, technology helps make everyone’s lives better. To help make your home more relevant and modern, you should consider switching your home to smart home technology. This involves using a smart speaker that allows you to manage your house through voice commands. With smart home technology, you can control your home’s temperature, light, curtains, and music and even have access to home security, which lets you have a clear view of what the outdoors and indoors look like. 

  • Switch To Hardwood Floors

If your home still uses carpet floors, now’s the best time to switch to hardwood floors. Carpet floors can look outdated and are only essential for those living with senior individuals to prevent slips and falls. However, if you’d like to boost your home’s value, switching to hardwood floors would be the best way to go. While they might be a bit expensive, they’ll surely pay off, as many home buyers are looking for installed hardwood floors for their next home. 

  • Switch To A Universal Theme

Your home’s theme greatly defines who your target audience might be. While trying to be creative by incorporating an art deco theme for your home can be fun, you might not attract many people, as most prefer to go with muted and simple design. 

With that, you should switch to a universal theme, such as traditional, minimalist, contemporary, mid-century modern, or industrial. Apart from your walls and floors, you should also update your furniture and decorations accordingly. This’ll help make everything look matched and organized. 


There are various home improvement projects that you could try to help increase your home’s value. While some projects might be a bit expensive, they can make your home more attractive on the market. With a bit of research and proper implementation of the above tips, you should be able to bring the best out of your property.