How To Control the Humidity Level In a Grow Room

When growing plants indoors, most growers’ goals include maximizing the cannabis plant yield. Many factors play a significant role in achieving the most amount of yield from plants. Here we will cover some of these factors, most notably humidity and how proper ventilation and lighting can affect it.

The humidity of the grow room has a direct impact on how well plants grow and flower. It will determine exactly how much water your plants will take up and how well they can combat mold.

To accurately control the humidity level, pay attention to some factors, such as the types of LED grow lights you use, the water levels, temperature and more.

This article aims to explain all the basics of humidity control. It will tell how you can use tools like LEDs to maintain ideal humidity levels.

The Effects of Humidity

Regardless of what plant you choose to grow indoors, it will need water at all stages. The amount of water the roots take will depend on the humidity level in the growing space. If the humidity level in the grow space is high, the plants will end up absorbing more water through the leaves and less from the root system.

If the humidity level is low, the plants will rely mainly on their roots for hydration. Humidity determines precisely how much water your plants can drink. Thus humidity is a controlling factor for the amount of nutrients the plants will absorb from their root system.

Humidity control is also important for the prevention of mold. Maintaining the right level of humidity will pave the way for better, stronger, and leafy green plants with better yields.

Some common problems you will encounter if you do not control the humidity of the grow room include:

Problems with the Nutrients

If the humidity level of your grow space is too high, plants will take up less water through the roots, and fewer nutrients. A lower level of humidity means that your plants take more than the usual amount of water and can lead to absorbing too much and showing signs of nutrient burn such as yellow leaf tips.

Slow Plant Growth

Plants usually need higher humidity levels when they are younger and lower when they are mature. With Dorm Grow LEDs, the control of the room temperature is straightforward, which makes it easier to control the humidity in the grow room and thus the growth rate of the plants.

Mildew and Rotting

One of the worst results of poor management of the humidity level in your grow room is the buildup of mildew and rotting. Cannabis buds with mold and mildew are often unusable and result in a failed crop. The flowering plants end up having brown or white buds with molding on the surface, and all the hard work goes to waste.

Maintain Proper Distance for Lights

Keeping the correct distance between your LED grow lights and the plants plays an important role to ensure robust growth and proper photosynthesis. Although LEDs emit less heat compared to other supplemental lighting options, if you do not place them at a proper distance, this can affect the humidity level too.

The distance is also critical when it comes to controlling the way the plants react to their source of energy. Plants will reach towards the light similar to how they reach towards the sun in various outdoor conditions.

Note that, as the intensity of the light increases with higher wattage lights, so should the distance between the light and the plants. Lights of different power ratings will perform the best at different ranges. For example, if using the lights mentioned below, then you should maintain the distance specified for them.

  • G8LED 240 Watt Veg/Flower: 12-24 inches
  • G8LED 450 Watt Veg/Flower: 14-30 inches
  • G8LED 600 Watt Veg/Flower: 16-36 inches
  • G8LED 900 Watt Veg/Flower: 16-36 inches
  • G8LED Flower Booster: 12-36 inches

During vegetative growth, the distance between the plants and light should be constant. Increasing the distance will cause the plants to reach towards their source of energy and stretch in length. Bringing the lights closer to the plants will make them grow bushier and shorter.

When using LED grow lights in your grow space, keep mindful of these important considerations to maintain control over the grow room and get high quality plants with bountiful yields.