Building An Orchid Farm As A Greenhouse

Having an orchid farm might be tricky because orchids are pretentious plants and if you don’t provide them with the ideal conditions, they might not grow properly. Deciding to build an orchid farm outdoors is risky because you will be at the mercy of nature.

If it will rain to abundantly, the roots might suffocate or your terrestrial orchids might even drown, because they are kind of pretentious when it comes to their water needs. Also orchids need the same temperature all over the year so if you live in a place where winter is much colder then summer, it will be a big problem.

The perfect solution for handling places with inadequate weather is building your orchid farm in a greenhouse because you will have complete control on temperature, water, humidity or air ventilation.

Greenhouse orchids

There are two different orchid types that will need different ways of growing in your greenhouse. There are terrestrial orchids that grow in the ground, and in this case you will have to keep them in pots or you can build an orchid bed.

No matter what you choose, you will have to use terrestrial orchid mix in favor of garden soil. The second orchid types are Epiphytic orchids that normally grow on trees or on other plants.

It would be very difficult to grow other plants as well in your greenhouse just to provide support for the orchids, so a good solution is to use a piece of branch from another plant as support on which the orchid must be anchored. The good thing is that the orchid will easily adapt to this kind of situation.

Orchids like a lot of sunlight, but don’t like to be directly exposed to it. They also like shade but again within certain limits. It is a tricky balance. In natural conditions the orchid plants are protected by trees but here you will have to artificially provide them some shade. An ideal solution is to cover the roof with polycarbonate material. Hopefully you don’t live in a place covered by clouds all year long because then you will also have to use artificial light. Of course your greenhouse will have to be equipped with heating system, irrigation system and powerful vents.

Another advantage in front of an outdoor orchid farm beside wheatear control is that you won’t have too much to deal with pests so having an orchid farm in a greenhouse might be a good solution.


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