Oncidium Orchid – How To Care For Dancing-lady Orchids

The Oncidium family of Orchids has wide range of varieties. There are over 700 kinds of Orchids which can easily be found anywhere from sea level in the tropical regions to the high altitudes of the Andes.

Many of Oncidium Orchids are epiphyte having their roots exposed to the air. Some kinds of Oncidium Orchids include Aspasia, Brassia, Mitonias, and many of their hybrids. Some of its species have the bloom sprays that are over ten feet long. The flowers having long life are mostly in shades of yellow and brown with infrequent strokes of other different colors. Some give the impression of dancing dolls, and others appear to be showers of gold.

How To Care For Oncidium Orchids

a oncidium altissimum flower

By Socorro Oliveira

Oncidium Orchids grow well indoors. Usually they like cool to intermediate temperatures, indirect sunlight, and plenty of water. Some small Oncidium Orchids prefer warmth and can easily grow under lights. These types of Orchids can also grow under artificial light.

Different types of Oncidium Orchids need different temperature. Generally they prefer 55 to 60 F at night, and 80 to 85 F during daytime. They can also tolerate the temperatures 95 to 100 F if moisture and air circulation is increased with the rise in temperature.

These Orchids need to be given water every 2 to 10 days depending on weather conditions, potting medium, pot size and Orchid species.


Humidity level of these Orchids must be kept in between 30 and 60 percent. At home, humidity level can be increased by placing the plant on the moist rocks and pebbles in a tray filled with water.

When the Orchid plants are growing actively, they should be given appropriate and proper fertilizers. Plants having bark-based potting mix should be given 30-10-10 formulations fertilizer twice a month whereas plants in other potting medium need to provide fertilizer with 20-20-20 formulations.

By giving little extra attention to these Orchid plants, they can flourish well and will give vivid blooms that will surely add beauty to the whole environment.

Oncidium Orchids have such a variety of flowers that these flowers can easily change the look of any place whether it is home or an office. That is why they are in high demand by the flower lovers and Orchid collectors.

These Orchids can eliminate the dull and boring environment of the office or house. They can be placed in the nice vase or pot to decorate the center tables, can be used in functions and get together parties.

You can also present Oncidium Orchids as the gift to your friends, colleagues, and relatives. They prove to be a wonderful gift as they have vibrant colors and forms. An Orchid plant in a nice pot is an ideal gift.