Best Ways to Know When a Watermelon Goes Bad

Watermelon is a great food since it is mostly made up of water (92%), with the remaining 8% being rich in vitamins, antioxidants, lycopene, and amino acids.

Unfortunately, it won’t stay forever, so before deciding to consume it, you should find out if watermelon spoils and how long it keeps. We’ll see.

How To Tell If Watermelon Is Bad?

Your watermelon is spoiled if:

It is soft to the touch, feels hollow, or is light in weight. Since watermelons are 90% water, a good watermelon should feel weighty and be solid, indicating that all the water is still within.

It contains huge bruising, mold, or the outside is discolored. Of course, a few tiny black spots, bruises, or soft places are OK; if necessary, you may clip that portion of the fruit off. However, if the entire item resembles a far cry from a fresh watermelon, it should be removed.

It has a sour or otherwise unpleasant odor. The aroma of a full watermelon should be fresh and somewhat sweet.

Best Ways to Know When a Watermelon Goes Bad

The flesh has a slimy, mushy, or dry appearance. These are all indications of water loss, and eventually the flesh may start to separate from the seeds. There is a continuum involved here, and for the most of us, a little water loss (i.e., decent quality) is okay. But throw it away if it’s slimy.

It is divided up and kept for longer than five days. The watermelon could still be OK to eat at that time, but it’s best to be safe than later and throw it out.

The major items to watch out for are those. However, follow your instinct if anything else—whole or sliced up—seems odd for whatever reason. safer to be safe than sorry.

How Long Does Watermelon Last?

A full watermelon may be stored for up to two weeks in the refrigerator and for roughly a week at room temperature. Within the refrigerator, cut watermelon keeps for three to five days. You prevent drying out, be sure to properly wrap it or put it in an airtight container.

Watermelon doesn’t survive very long, much as other fruits. In the pantry, a complete one should remain in good condition for approximately a week. If you refrigerate it, you get an additional 10 to 14 days if you need it.

The moment you chop it up, the clock begins to run out. For roughly three to five days, the fruit should stay fresh. Naturally, food will keep longer if it is fresher.

As always, it’s ideal to consume the entirety of it immediately after cutting it open, but that’s not always possible. Please keep in mind that wrapping is crucial if you want to store leftovers in the fridge for more than a day.

Freeze the watermelon if you want to keep it for longer than the times specified.

How To Store Watermelon

Similar to other melons, watermelon keeps its quality the best when kept whole. It makes logical to just chop it up before eating, thus.

When you get the fruit home, you can either put it in the refrigerator or cupboard. In general, the environment should be colder the longer you anticipate storing it.

It can stay on the counter for that period of time if you intend to chop it up the same day you purchase it or the next day. It is better to store food in the refrigerator if you are unsure of when you will eat it.

The remaining watermelon slices should be refrigerated after being cut into pieces.

Wrap it carefully if you plan to store it in the fridge for more than a day. Use plastic or metal wrap if the portion is a half or a quarter. You can substitute airtight containers or resealable bags for smaller portions.

The flesh is shielded by the wrapping from drying out and absorbing strong refrigerator scents. For this very reason, watermelon chunks are usually offered wrapped in plastic.

Can You Freeze Watermelon?

You may freeze the extra watermelon if you have more than you can eat.

Fruit textures change as a result of freezing and thawing. The experience of eating it raw after thawing won’t be as enjoyable as the experience of eating it fresh. However, it performs admirably in smoothies and other dishes where the texture is less crucial.

To begin freezing watermelon, first chop it into reasonably small pieces that will fit into freezer bags with ease. So that the watermelon may be eaten right away, remove all the seeds and peel right now. Pre-freeze the components when that is finished.

After removing the frozen goods from the freezer, place them in freezer bags, label them if necessary, and then place them back. There, the fruit may readily survive for several months.

It’s better to let food thaw over night in the refrigerator. If your blender can take ice, you may add it frozen if it’s for a smoothie.

Final Thoughts

When you select an excellent fresh watermelon, it will be one of the most popular summery snacks you will enjoy. To obtain sweet and refreshing melons, make sure you adhere to the above-mentioned instructions.

A watermelon that has already gone rotten shouldn’t be consumed. Additionally, don’t only evaluate a watermelon by its size. To successfully select a nice watermelon appropriate for your table, instead pay attention to factors like smell, patch color, texture, and many others.