Best Crabgrass Killer

Though it’s quite common for different types of weed to grow around your lawn throughout the year, crabgrass can be one of the most frustrating occurrences. It’s unsightly, tricky to get rid of, and can spread like wildfire.

Crabgrass is what’s known as a finger-grass, which is a type of grass with creeping stems that is able to sprout in one spot and then quickly extend itself throughout a healthy lawn or walkway.

 If you’ve had just about enough of this pesky garden pest, now is the perfect time to purchase a specifically formulated weedkiller designed to eliminate it! 

However, finding the very best crabgrass killer for you can sometimes be just as tricky as getting rid of the weed itself.

In this article, you’ll find five of the best performing crabgrass killers available to purchase today that have been carefully selected for their strength, quality, and ease-of-usability.

When you’ve read through the reviews, you’ll then find a helpful buyer’s guide section where you’ll be able to check out some of our top tips for when you’re ready to begin treating crabgrass.


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Why it's our top pick

For fast, effective results that you can count on, you can’t go far wrong with the Green Gobbler Weed & Grass Killer. 

This vinegar enriched formula works to eliminate crabgrass without putting the environment at risk thanks to it being certified by OMRI for organic use.

As it contains 20% acetic acid, you can expect crabgrass to be completely desiccated within a 24 hour period.

Here are some features that set this crabgrass killer apart from the rest:

  • It consists of an extremely powerful formula that is free from any cancer-causing chemicals.
  • The vinegar used within this crabgrass killer is four times stronger than traditional table vinegar as it is made from ethanol and distilled corn grain to guarantee top-quality performance.
  • It can be used on flowerbeds, sidewalks, mulch beds, lawns, barns, and just about anywhere else crabgrass can occur.
  • Certified for organic use.
  • Results can be seen in just 24 hours, which is extremely impressive considering most crabgrass killers can take weeks before results are seen.

Say goodbye to crabgrass for good with our top picks


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If you’d like a crabgrass killer that can also be used to kill other types of weed, the Green Gobbler Weedkiller is a fantastic choice to consider.

Containing 20% acetic acid, the Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer is truly one of the most effective ways to eliminate weeds on your lawn, including crabgrass. ​

It is derived from corn and free from nasty, cancer-causing chemicals (including glyphosate, sulfates, phosphates, and bleach) so you’ll be able to put an end to pesky crabgrass once and for all without fear of any damage to you or your family’s health.

Not only does it boast an incredibly powerful formula, but it also a very reasonably priced gallon container that does not require any dilution, which means that it is ready to go as soon as it arrives.

To use, all you need to do is transfer some of the formula to a pump spray (or attach the trigger sprayer that it comes with) and then begin to spray the product over the crabgrass.

For the very best results, we suggest avoiding use on rainy, windy days as this non-selective formula kills any and all vegetation on which it’s applied. However, after application to the crabgrass, you can expect it to be eliminated within a 24-hour period. How impressive is that?


  • It is organic and made of natural ingredients
  • Exceptionally fast, with results being seen after just 24 hours 
  • Glyphosate-free
  • No dilution is needed, so it’s ready to be used as soon as you unbox it


  • Does not perform well in wet weather
  • It cannot be sprayed onto perennial grass or plants as they will perish


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Live in a wetter climate and need a crabgrass killer that can withstand the effects of rain? We recommend the Compare-N-Save Grass and Weed Killer because it is rainproof after just two hours.

The Compare-N-Save Concentrate is one of the most useful weed killers to have as part of your garden care collection! This powerful product is able to travel straight down to the root of crabgrass to prevent it from resprouting.

All you need to do is mix it with water and then spray wherever the crabgrass has occurred such as the lawn, walkway, or driveway.

When treating the crabgrass, be sure to spray exactly onto the area that the crabgrass has grown, making sure that the spray does not touch any plants you do not wish to treat.

This is because Compare-N-Concentrate contains glyphosate which is extremely potent and can be absorbed through the foliage in order to travels to the root of the plant. 

Therefore, make sure any perennial grass remains untouched.


  • Results will begin to be seen after just 2-4 days
  • It is rainproof after just 2  hours
  • Excellent value for money, it is able to cover over 25,000 square feet


  • As this product contains glyphosate, we recommend keeping this out of contact with children, edible plants, and pets.


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Formulated to specifically kill crabgrass (although suitable to be used on other types of weed, too), Primesource Quinclorac Liquid Crabgrass Killer is another excellent choice to go for.

It has been carefully created by utilizing all of the latest research and technology to create a formula that will effectively control and eliminate crabgrass from your lawn.

Extremely effective at treating the persistent presence of crabgrass, the Primesource Quinclorac Liquid Crabgrass Killer has been made with 18.9& quinclorac, which is strong enough to be able to travel deep down into through the soil to kill the crabgrass at the roots.

This will also help to prevent further crabgrass for sprouting for up to 90 days after application.

After you have applied this highly effective crabgrass killer to the affected area (we recommend using a spray bottle to do so) you should start to notice results after 24 hours to one week. This crabgrass is also excellent value for money!

You get 1.5 liters which can be mixed in with water to ensure that the product lasts a long time.


  • Specifically formulated to kill crabgrass (both smooth and hairy)
  • It can be used on all types of common weeds, making it a great multi-purpose product
  • Very longlasting and can be easily diluted in water


  • It can offer up to 90 days of control. After that, you may need to reapply.


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The Spectracide Lawn Weed Killer Plus is a super fast-acting crabgrass killer that is ideal for use whenever you’re worried about the concentrated spray drifting onto other plants.

It won’t harm any perennial grass, flowers, or plants so, even if it does happen to come into contact with something it shouldn’t, you can have confidence that they won’t be damaged or destroyed.

Not just for crabgrass, this highly effective weed killer is potent enough to be able to kill over 250 types of common weeds, so it’s a great multi-purpose product that we’re sure you’ll love being able to reach for when you want to keep weeds under control.

Additionally, after you have sprayed the affected area,  the productwill begin to  produce visible results in just 8 hours!

One feature that we particularly love about this crabgrass killer is that it comes ready to go with a  handle spray nozzle attached to the container, so you won’t need to go out and buy one if you don’t have one lying around in your garden shed. Spectracide has certainly made this with convenience in mind!


  • It comes with a spray nozzle included with the container, so you don’t need to purchase a separate spray bottle 
  • It is ideal for more sensitive soil and won’t damage any plants or grass that you want to remain healthy and alive
  • The crabgrass will begin to diminish after being in contact with the formula after just eight hours


  • It cannot be used to kill other types of common weeds, such as dandelions


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If you don’t currently have crabgrass but you’re worried that your lawn might get it, the Ornamec Over-The-Top has got our seal of approval thanks to its ability to keep nearby weeds from entering your property.

So, if you have any neighbors that have lawns that are beginning to look a little overgrown, it’s quite likely that weeds will start to creep into your lawn at some point in time, including troublesome crabgrass.

What’s more, after application, grass growth will be stopped within just 48 hours, with death occurring anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks after you have applied it to the crabgrass.


  • It is water-resistant and will ‘stick’ to the areas that it has been applied
  • It will easily repel weeds from areas that are out of reach to you (like the untended garden of a neighbor)
  • Affordable


  • Though this crabgrass killer is able to maintain and prevent growth rate, it may not be able to totally eliminate crabgrass from sprouting

Best Crabgrass Killer Buying Guide

Before you take to your lawn with one of the crabgrass killers we’ve mentioned above, make sure that you’re clued up with a little help from the following information.

Not only will it help you to gain a better understanding of which products are going to perform best for you, but it will also help you to learn how to treat your lawn without damaging it:

How to correctly identify crabgrass

Step number one to ridding your lawn of pesky crabgrass is to properly identify it from other kinds of weeds (sometimes upon first glance, crabgrass can even resemble types of grass). 

However, just like its name suggests, crabgrass is tough and has many legs - just like a crab you would find at the beach! Here are the two different types of crabgrass you might discover growing in your garden:

  1. Hairy crabgrass
  2. Smooth crabgrass

The hairy type of crabgrass is so-called because, if you get up close to its leaves and stems, you will discover little hairs growing all over the plant. On the other hand, despite its name, smooth crabgrass does also feature hair, except these little hairs, are only present at the plant’s auricles, which are the small, ear-like projections on the inner side of the plant, right at the bottom of the leaves.

Regardless of this, both types of crabgrass have a spade-like tip that grows at a horizontal angle from the ground, which is one of the most telltale signs when trying to identify crabgrass.

Furthermore, if crabgrass has been left to grow for quite some time, the stems will be a lot easier to see (the stems will also meet at the tip of the roots, right where the undergrowth starts). Since this type of weed hardly ever points in the same direction as common grass, this makes them pretty easy to spot on your lawn.

How to treat your lawn without damaging it

Weedkiller has always had a reputation for being full if harsh chemicals that can destroy parts of your lawn that you want to say healthy and intact. Though many formulas are mixed with ingredients that have been designed to kill anything that it comes in contact with, there are some types of weedkiller that rely on less extreme killing methods.

For that reason, the best weedkiller will eat away the crabgrass while keeping all of your seasonal growth and lawn grass intact. 

Top Tip: if you’re not going to be treating any other weeds besides crabgrass, sticking to a weedkiller that’s solely made to treat crabgrass is going to be your best choice. However, if you are going to be treating other types of weeds at the same time, a multi-killer plant killer shouldn’t be completely ruled out. 

The best time to use crabgrass killers

Grass tends to be split into three groups. These are annual, bi-annual, and yearly. Out of these three types of grasses, the grass that you would last to remain healthy and alive throughout the entire year is known as ‘perennial’ while the other types of grass contain the grass that you would like to kill off.

Although you can most certainly use any of the products we have mentioned above throughout the year, treating crabgrass before the ground temperature begins to rise above 55 degrees Fahrenheit is highly recommended because it is better able to prevent weed growth from occurring later on in the year.

When it comes to selecting the best time to treat crabgrass with a weedkiller, the key is to make sure that the weedkiller you select will allow the perennial grass to continue flourishing without damaging it during your weeding treatment process.

For this reason, we recommend using crabgrass weed killers when you spot them growing right before spring begins as April and May are some of the best times to spray crabgrass you’d like to get rid of. 

Best Crabgrass Killer - FAQ's

Can crabgrass killers be used in wet weather?

This really all comes down to the quality of weedkiller you are planning on buying. If you go for a low-quality weed killer, you’ll likely find that the rainwater will wash away the solution, making it useless. In the event that this happens, you may also find that surrounding areas that you’d like to remain healthy and alive may become damaged. 

To avoid this problem from occurring, many weed killers have been created to ‘stick’ to whatever it touches, which means that you won’t have to worry about chemicals running off the crabgrass. 

However, we recommend avoiding using a weedkiller on your crabgrass right before or during the rain. It’s definitely better to just wait it out and let the weather dry up.

Additionally, weedkiller performs best in colder weather conditions, so it may be worth planning to get started on treating crabgrass before the warmer months arrive.

How can you tell that a crabgrass killer is working?

The process of treating crabgrass can often feel like a waiting game. However, though there is a varied length of time before you begin to see results (this is most dependant on the type of crabgrass killer you are using) it is most common to start to see a change after around 24-hours to 2 weeks. However, some can take even longer and results may not be seen for up to a month after spraying.

If you begin to see little patches of violet spots begin to appear on the stems of crabgrass, then you can have confidence that the product is doing exactly what it should be doing.

Additionally, during the treatment process, some people like to frequently spray the crabgrass more than once a day to speed up the process.