Bathroom Renovation Guide: Design Ideas And Tips

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home. From showering to spending time doing your makeup, to answering nature’s call, most people, on average, spend about half an hour to an hour in the bathroom every day. This time adds up to about seven hours per week, if not more. So if there is one thing you shouldn’t compromise on, its the design of your bathroom. If you are spending that much time in there, you might as well make it feel inviting and appealing, right? Below are some helpful design ideas and tips that will make bathroom designers everywhere drool.

Tip #1: Keep It Simple

The last thing you want is to feel claustrophobic in your bathroom. To prevent this, avoid using blocky or heavy cabinets and vanities. Instead, try using something like a pedestal sink, or a console sink to replace the heavier options.

These will provide storage space without making your bathroom feel closed off or too full, as well as make your bathroom feel more inviting and relaxing. And remember, less is more. Don’t place a dozen magazines behind the toilet, or have five candles spread about the space. Have one or two magazines ready and put one candle on the countertop to add some color and pleasant scents to the area.

Tip #2: Stay Organized

Cluttered spaces can lead to a cluttered mind, and nobody has time for that. But never fear, there is a simple way to avoid the clutter and stay organized in your bathroom. By using baskets underneath your sink to hold your toiletries and other items, you’ll never again be rooting around looking for your makeup bag or that new roll of toilet paper.

Attach stick-on organizers into your medicine cabinet to organize your toothbrushes, Q-Tips, and nail polish. Hang decorative baskets on the wall to hold the toilet paper and a little succulent for decoration. Staying organized will add a clean-cut and welcoming look to any bathroom.

Tip #3: Sit In The Bathtub Before Buying It

You wouldn’t purchase a mattress or couch without sitting on it first, and the same goes for your bathtub. Bathtubs are meant for more than just cleaning yourself; they are a place of relaxation, of serenity, of bath time adventures with your kids.

So before you purchase a bathtub for your bathroom, take it on a test-drive of sorts and sit in it. This will help you determine if it is long enough for you to stretch out comfortably, or if it is deep enough to submerge fully.

Tip #4: Add Pops Of Color

Painting or adding colorful wallpaper can be expensive and timely. However, having an entirely white bathroom can feel stale and sterile. To find a compromise, consider adding colorful accent pieces throughout your bathroom. Add a colorful rug to warm your feet and tie the room together. Hang some patterned and eye-catching towels to give the space some personality.

Or, if you are set on adding some color to the walls, consider painting or wallpapering only one wall and making it into an accent wall, adding some color and life to the space without overpowering it with a bold color scheme.

Tip #5: Choose A Theme

When it comes to interior design, choosing a theme is extremely important. Wooden accent pieces do not exactly mesh well with marble countertops and an all-white color scheme. So when prepping for your bathroom remodel, choose a theme beforehand. This will save you and your bathroom designer a future headache when shopping for the space.

Suppose you chose a more modern farmhouse style for your bathroom. By adding bronze finishes on your sink and lighting, and pairing it with a wooden console sink, you will have a gorgeous and homey feeling bathroom in no time. Or to jump to the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps you prefer a more clean-cut and bright theme.

By sticking to one color scheme of all white and adding hints of silver throughout the lighting fixtures and accents pieces, your bathroom will radiate class and sophistication. Add some marble countertops, and an elegant mirror and your bathroom will be the envy of all who step into it.