8 Major Benefits of Using Earthwool Insulation

If you’re in the market for insulating materials in Australia, you will have doubtlessly heard the Knauf product Earthwool being mentioned. Earthwool brand insulation has recently been making a huge impact on the do-it-yourself scene and professional renovations industry for a number of reasons.

Here are just some of the reasons Earthwool insulation has become extremely popular among Australian DIY-ers and property renovation professionals alike.

Soft, Easy-handling Texture

Unlike traditional fibreglass and asbestos insulation, Earthwool is much harsher to the touch, and far less likely to cause irritation when handled for extended periods. Compared to traditional products, Earthwool is far less “crunchy” and produces fewer fine dust particles when handled. This means that there is a reduced risk of inhaling fine particles when cutting and handling Earthwoo.

Superior Sound Absorption

Earthwool insulation does a great job at keeping your walls from transmitting outside noise in, and also keeps them from radiating inside noise to the outside. That means you can drastically reduce the overall noise levels in your home. You can even play instruments and listen to music and movies at high volume levels without your neighbours knowing.

Better Thermal Performance

When properly installed inside walls or ceiling crawlspaces, Earthwool can prevent excessive heat from the sun from making its way into your living and workspaces. At the same time, it keeps the cold air produced by your aircon cold by preventing it from absorbing outside heat prematurely. This means you can live and work more comfortably in a space insulated by Earthwool.

Lower Energy Bills

Spaces treated with Earthwool insulation stay cooler or warmer for longer. This means you can reduce the settings on your aircon or heater, which can give you savings on your energy bill. If you have a house powered by solar energy, Earthwool insulation may even make having electric heating and air-conditioning practical for your home.

No Formaldehyde And Petroleum-based Additives

Formaldehyde and petroleum products are common additives in traditional insulation. Generally speaking, you want as little of those in your home as possible. Earthwool is free from formaldehyde and uses far lower quantities of petroleum products than its competitors. This makes it safer for the inhabitants of treated spaces compared to regular fibreglass products.


Because of the way it’s manufactured, Earthwool is far less likely to combust and can prevent a fire from spreading in your home. This makes it an excellent choice for ensuring your property stays safe and protected.

Made From Recycled Materials

Knauf makes Earthwool from at least 80% recycled glass, allowing the manufacturing process to use less energy than it would when using virgin glass. This allows the manufacture of Earthwool to put far less of a strain on the environment compared to other insulation materials.

50-year Warranty

Knauf offers a 50-year warranty on Earthwool insulation products, which is a longer period than you can expect compared to virtually any other insulating product on the market.

Earthwool has a number of distinct advantages compared to other insulation material. Be sure to consult with a renovation professional before you attempt to do install Earthwool or any other type or brand of insulation material.