6 Ways To Create An Outdoor Kitchen In Your Garden

One of the best things about having an outdoor kitchen is that it expands your living space and enables you to eat, entertain, and cook without the need to book a reservation at a restaurant. Hence, if you’re thinking of creating one in your garden, it’s best to make it as functional as your indoor kitchen, as entertaining as your family room, and as welcoming as your living room.

Depending on your preferences, your outdoor kitchen may be as simple as having some tables, chairs, and grills. You may also opt for an outdoor kitchen equipped with seating and built-in appliances. Essentially, you can incorporate any ideas into your outdoor kitchen as long as it’ll satisfy you.

Regardless if you prefer for a sleek design or classic style, below are some of the ways to create one in your kitchen:

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1. Plan the Layout and Materials for Your Outdoor Kitchen Well

The key to building the foundation of your outdoor kitchen is proper planning of the floor layout and the materials to be used. When planning, you have to be conscious of the weather condition and the number of appliances you want to install.

If you prefer marble or tile flooring, take note that it can be slippery when wet and it might not hold up to food stains or grease. So, make sure to choose the right kind of flooring because proper flooring won’t just complete the overall look of your outdoor kitchen, but it can also add value and durability to the finished product.

You must also keep safety in mind when building an outdoor kitchen. Choose materials that meet safety criteria and stay away from the flooring that might be too rugged and choose a material that may endure grease and food spills.

If you can’t decide with your outdoor kitchen layout, you can always hire the best contractor around your area to help you.

2. Use Quality Appliances

A lot of outdoor kitchens include a sink, small refrigerator, and a grill. Other kitchens include specialty appliances, such as warming drawers, hibachi grills, smokers, and a beer tap. If possible, buy appliances that are durable and can withstand both heat and rain.

Ceramic appliances and stainless steel appliances work best for all types of weather conditions. They’re also very durable and don’t require high maintenance.

When it comes to sinks, other sinks have limited uses while some can be used for washing huge food quantities. Take note that your outdoor sink should be either hooked up to your yard hose or connected to the water supply of your home.

Some of the best outdoor kitchen appliances you may consider are:

  • Grills and Smokers: There are numerous grills in the market. Hence, make sure to do your research before purchasing one.
  • Built-in Kegerator: One of the best options when creating an outdoor kitchen is installing a kegerator. Choose the one with at least 2 taps to give you the ability to provide several types of beer.
  • Built-in Refrigerator: If you don’t want to go in and out of your house just to get cold beverages, you can consider a built-in refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen.

3. Set the Mood By Having Proper Lighting 

In an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need good lighting to cook and for the dining area. While your outdoor kitchen requires the same lighting needs as your indoor kitchen, it can be difficult to wire outside since it lacks the walls that regular kitchens have. This means that you have to be smart with your outdoor kitchen lighting.

A good way to get ample lighting in your outdoor cooking area is to create lighting into the cabinetry and backsplashes. If you want to make your space extra special, you can install a dimmer switch during nights of partying and dancing.

If you don’t have enough budget, you can consider LED light strips, solar lights, or fairy lights. Just make sure that your lighting is designed for wet or damp conditions to avoid electrical problems.

If you’re not sure about your lighting options, call an electrician.

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4. Have A Place To Store Your Items

Like an indoor kitchen, you’ll require places to put your items in. The difference is that your storage should be durable and waterproof. Cabinets and countertops must be designed to provide space and get rid of the clutter.

If you want to achieve a customized look, coordinate your cabinets, countertops, and flooring. This will provide a modern and sleek look to your outdoor kitchen. If you don’t know how much storage you need, visualize how you’ll use your outdoor kitchen.

5. Never Forget Your Outdoor Kitchen Landscaping

Usually, people overlook the rest of their garden when creating an outdoor kitchen. To make defined areas of your outdoor kitchen and section off your garden, you may use dividing techniques, like trellis walls, to separate some parts of your garden.

If you like your outdoor kitchen to be part of your entire landscape, use pathways. Trellis archways can easily put colour and distinction in your garden’s separate areas. Just make sure to incorporate the materials that are already found in your garden to your outdoor kitchen to achieve a seamless look. For instance, use the same paint colours or patio slabs to incorporate your deluxe outdoor kitchen.

6. Weatherproof Your Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to creating an outdoor kitchen, the weather can be a big problem. Thankfully, having a pergola or building a tall roof can let you enjoy cooking outdoors, even in extreme heat or rain. You can also incorporate various kinds of shelter, such as stone roofs or using patio umbrellas, for coverage.

For hot locations, you want to use a mist spray or an overhead fan. For properties located in colder regions, you can consider having a fire pit, heat lamp, or fireplace to warm up the area. Lastly, for areas with many insects, such as mosquitoes or pesky bugs, add nettings around your dining area.


Having an outdoor kitchen in your garden will not just improve your home’s overall look, but it can also boost the value of your property. Just make sure to plan everything for your outdoor kitchen before you start with its construction. This way, you can be assured that every element of your outdoor kitchen is laid out properly.

Also, to get the perfect results, it’s best to let professionals do the job for you instead of considering it as your DIY project.