3 Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Oasis

Ready to transform your blah backyard into the perfect outdoor oasis?

Then follow along as we show you how to take your patio from uninspiring to outdoor marvel. It doesn’t matter the size of your budget or the space you’ll be working with — any area can be made into the relaxing space of which dreams are made.

Here are our top tips on how to get started creating your ideal outside space.

Cozy Comfort

When you look at your backyard living space, does it seem cozy? How about inviting? If the answer is no, you can fix that with a few warming touches and the right outdoor furniture. Some items to think about include an outdoor fire pit, which is the perfect spot to keep chilly evenings at bay as you and yours settle in to chat about everything from pumpkin carving to the next big game.

Likewise, weathered blankets can be traded in for a few plush throws to add some extra luxe. However, you’ll want to keep these in a storage basket to ensure they stay away from the elements when not in use. Stools that can be put to use for both seating and storage are also a good way to maximize space and comfort.

Ultimately, look for pieces that bring well-worn textures, such as terracotta or copper, into the mix for boosted warmth.

Colorful Factor

Another easy option for upgrading your backyard is by adding some color. After all, who doesn’t love to be surrounded by the rich hues of autumn or the bright neons of summertime? One way to add color in your backyard is to find a large area rug. Pick one that can stand up to changing temperatures and which incorporates the colors you’ve selected.

Expecting lots of traffic roaming over your new floor piece? Then make sure you pick a rug of the indoor/outdoor variety to withstand all the wear. Finally, accent pillows can also make a big impact when it comes to incorporating color into your design. Pick up shades from your rug or outdoor environment (think flowers or trees) to ensure a nice flow to your new design.

Retreat Oasis

We’ve all seen those Pinterest photos with the crisp, clean furniture; manicured lawn; and stunning water features. You know, the one where you feel revitalized just staring at it. Ready to create your own relaxing oasis? The first place to start is with your furniture.

If your current pieces are rusted or nonfunctional, then that can certainly dampen the whole tranquil vibe you’re hoping to create. So, make sure you invest in pieces that are easy on the eyes and provide maximum comfort. Another great buy is an outdoor umbrella, one that’s large enough to provide shade from the sun’s harsh rays.

Finally, throw in some floor pillows to create a restful space and which can help transform almost any surface into a comfortable lounge area.

Make Your Backyard Renovation Dreams a Reality

Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor realm. With that in mind, try adding in some of the same elements to keep the layout consistent and easy to maintain. No matter the weather or your pace of life, as long you combine outdoor essentials like quality furniture with a few key pieces such as a firepit or a soft rug, your backyard will become the sanctuary you’ve been hoping for.