10 Ideas for Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

Having a well-landscaped garden has become a must-have thing for homeowners. It is great to have some extra space where the family can sit and relax when the weather is nice. It can get expensive hiring landscapers to create a unique garden, so we have looked at a few ways where you can get your garden looking like professionals created it with little to no spending on your part.

Low-cost Water Features

Creating a unique water feature doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. You can purchase cheap water pumps or pond liners and use an old watering can to create a great space that can attract birds and wildlife. Search for solar-powered water pumps to keep the ongoing cost to a minimum. Use old stones or bricks to build a simple border around your pond, and your water feature will look amazing. 

Do-it-Yourself Patios

Check out your local salvage yard for old paving slabs as these will be the cheapest. Don’t worry about setting them in concrete, just throw down some sand, level it off and lay your paving slabs on top. Having a patio can look great, provide you with a space to sit, and it will stop weeds from growing, meaning less work for you in the future. Patios will need little maintenance to keep them looking good, just a nice wash with a hard brush once a year.

Choose Cheaper Plants

Garden centers have great plants, but they are not always the most affordable. Look for second-hand plants that you can use or have a go at using clippings from existing plants to create new ones you can use in your garden.

Build a Fire Pit

There is nothing better than sitting around an open fire with family and friends. Build a simple fire pit by using fire bricks from a salvage yard to line the hole you dig. Be sure to dig your pit away from wooden fencing or trees to reduce the risk of the fire spreading.

Create a Rustic Garden

Create a natural look by using wildflowers and plants to give your garden a rustic look. Let your pathways and borders be reclaimed by nature and only keep the commonly used areas clear of plants and flowers. Look for old metal seating to finish off your rustic garden. 

Keep the Costs Low

You can achieve a well-landscaped garden by putting in a little work to help your lawn. Keep your lawn free from the usual weed varieties that can invade your lawn. Try not to use chemicals and just dig them out and try to keep your lawn well seeded to limit the space where weeds can grow.  A well looked after lawn will always look amazing. 

Use Cheap Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be expensive to buy and install. Look for cheaper outdoor LED illumination that will create a great ambiance, won’t cost the earth to buy, are easy to install and will keep your electricity bill low. 

Plant a Few Trees

Buy young sapling trees as these are much lower in cost than buying mature ones. Although trees are not cheap, they will take up a lot of space, which means per square yard, your overall cost will be minimal, in comparison to buying plants and flowers.

Clean your Walkways 

Keeping your walkways in good order is a sure-fire way to make your garden look well landscaped with no expense. Scrub off any mold or moss and remove any weeds growing in between paving stones. For that extra touch, you may want to paint them with hardwearing masonry paint.

UpCycle Junk 

Think of ways to use old junk to create features within your garden. Use old tires as planters or hanging baskets, give them a coat of paint to get rid of the black color and disguise them a little. Use old logs to place potted plants on top, by lifting the pots off the ground it will add an extra dimension to your garden. Be creative with old items you find lying around as with a bit of ingenuity, you can make your garden look more attractive instantly.

Our tips above are just a handful of ideas that are open to you. When trying to create something with a small budget, you need to think outside the box and get creative. Some of the best-looking gardens are well thought out and well maintained without costing an arm and a leg. However, some elbow grease will be needed!