Will Vinegar Kill Sand Spurs?

A nice walk through the yard can become painful because of those annoying prickly plants called sand spurs. A lot of people are looking for natural ways to get rid of these annoying bugs in their lawns. One of these remedies that comes up a lot is vinegar. But is it really true that vinegar can get rid of sand spurs? Let’s learn more about this subject.

Will Vinegar Kill Sand Spurs

Understanding Sand Spurs

Let’s understand what we’re talking about before we look at how well vinegar works. Sand spurs are a type of grassy weed that is also called sand burrs or grass burrs. They are in the genus Cenchrus.

The seed pods from these plants have sharp points that can hurt you if you step on them or brush against them. They are known for being tough, and they can quickly take over fields, which is a bother for people who own homes.

The Vinegar Solution

In the past few years, vinegar, especially white vinegar, has become more common as a natural way to kill weeds. A lot of different kinds of weeds can be killed by its high acidity. This includes green and broadleaf weeds. For vinegar to kill weeds, acetic acid is the main ingredient that does the job.

Effectiveness Against Sand Spurs

When it comes to getting rid of sand spurs, vinegar might help in some ways. Because it is acidic, it could hurt the plant’s top layers, causing it to wilt and eventually die. But it’s important to keep expectations in check. Vinegar might work for treating small areas of sand spurs, but it might not be enough for treating large populations.

Application Tips

If you want to use vinegar to get rid of sand spurs in your yard, here are some tips that will help it work better:

  • Direct Application: Put vinegar right on the sand spurs, making sure to cover all of the leaves and stems.
  • Concentration: Opt for vinegar with a higher concentration of acetic acid, such as household white vinegar with 5% acidity.
  • Repeated Treatments: Know that you may need to use the product more than once to get the results you want, especially if the sand spurs are already there.
  • Caution: Exercise caution when applying vinegar near desirable plants, as its indiscriminate nature can harm surrounding vegetation.


While vinegar can be a part of your arsenal in the battle against sand spurs, it’s not a foolproof solution. Its efficacy may vary depending on factors such as the size of the infestation and environmental conditions. In severe cases, help from a professional or other ways may be needed. As with any weed control strategy, patience and persistence are key.