Why You Should Install a Gutter Guard

Gutters are a core part of any home and are something that we often don’t realize that they need to be protected. While gutters themselves are usually very sturdy, they can still wear out or get clogged over time, and repairing those issues on a regular basis can become an annoying (and sometimes expensive) venture.

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Gutter guards aim to fix that in a very direct way – but what are they, and why do they matter?

What Are Gutter Guards and Why Should You Care?

A gutter guard is essentially a mesh (or similar-to-mesh) sleeve that fits around your gutter. It protects your gutters from direct debris damage. In a sense, they’re meant to filter out anything that could potentially build up debris in the gutter and clog it, as well as stop birds from potentially building nests within the gutters themselves.

While there are various kinds of gutter guards (such as sheets that cover the entire gutter or pieces that fit over only the downspout), all of them serve the same basic function. This makes them a great protective measure for gutter systems, allowing them to prevent debris from clogging up the system and potentially causing long-term gutter damage.

Why Should You Consider Gutter Guards?

If your gutters are showing signs of wear and tear, they could also be clogged, which can lead to expensive water damage repairs. Since your gutters are used as a water drain, this tends to cause problems when the water overflows since it will be draining down onto your house’s wall (or, potentially, the roof).

Not only can this lead to damage to the gutter system that may require direct repairs, but it can also create situations where the blocked gutters are causing damage to your home itself, too. This, naturally, becomes more of a problem the longer you leave your gutters unchecked and unrepaired.

The most direct and effective way to deal with this is through gutters guards, which will protect your gutters from damage and blockages. Considering how simple but important gutters are, good gutter guards can make a massive difference. 

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

While there are various different ways to install a gutter guard, the most common involves you using a gutter guard with a downspout sleeve (or downspout adapter sleeve). This is essentially an extension of the gutter guard’s frame, which attaches to the downspout of the gutter system.  This is simple and effective but only protects the downspout.

Some gutter systems may use a full sheet of mesh that covers the entire gutter. This protects the downspouts and the rest of the gutter pipes, which can be useful for avoiding overflows or damage to those areas as well. The one you choose is mostly down to the amount of protection you want for your home gutter systems.

Remember that gutter guard additions are entirely for protection. While they don’t boost your gutters’ abilities to drain water, they do make sure that the gutters can go for far longer without needing to be unblocked or repaired.