Why Should You Use Artificial Grass For Your Garden?

Artificial grass or artificial turf is synthetically produced grass that can be used in place of real grass. It is made of synthetic fibres which look and feel like grass such as polypropylene or polyethylene. It has been widely used in sports fields, practice fields, indoor garden spaces and even as indoor floors in themed restaurants and pools, or out on pavements in urban areas. Recently artificial grass has become more popular in residential areas and is chosen more than real grass for lawns and gardens. Artificial grass is the best option for modern gardens and for people who live fast-paced lives or travel a lot and have no time to pay attention to their gardens.

Artificial turf appears to be like real grass in colour and feel. Its appearance is always that of a lush natural garden. Artificial grass has several layers which include a backing and cushioning layer, then layers for drainage and infill. There are several reasons artificial grass has become popular even though artificial grass price is high. The high price pays off in longevity and appearance. Here are a few reasons why you should use artificial grass for your garden. 

Don’t Worry About Watering Again

Real grass requires a considerable amount of water regularly, but artificial grass does not. In areas that are drought-prone artificial grass works best, mainly in regions with high temperatures that don’t allow real grass to grow healthy. Water consumption has also become a critical environmental issue and using artificial grass is one good way to reduce water consumption. The only time that artificial grass needs water is at the time of cleaning, which is occasional not regularly like real grass.

Get Rid of Pesticides and Fertilizers

Artificial grass does not require any kind of fertilizer or pesticide that has chemicals in it. No chemicals mean it is much safer for children and pets, which is why many city parks and schools are also now opting to use artificial grass in playgrounds.

Forget About Weeds

One of the most problematic issues with real grass is the weeds. There different types of weeds that can grow in natural gardens. Artificial grass is the solution for the time-consuming problem of weeding. Artificial grass does not let the weed grow rampant, so there is no need to spend hours weeding or use weed killers that would add chemicals to the garden. A very small number of weeds can find a place in artificial grass but taking care of them compared to weed in natural grass is no task at all.

blooming blossom green grass

No Need to Mow the Lawn

Another time-consuming task is mowing, which also needs to be done regularly to upkeep real grass. Artificial grass since it is made artificially does not need to be mowed, reducing another task entirely.

Almost No Maintenance 

As mentioned above, weeding and mowing are tasks that do not need to be carried out for artificial grass. It is very low maintenance and maintaining a garden will become very easy. There is no need to clean it regularly. To blow off fallen leaves a grass blower can be used, and a wash is required only when there is debris or maybe food has been spilt on it. A short burst of water on a low setting is enough to clean it. If some parts get compressed because of sitting or laying down, that can also be easily fluffed back to its original look by a natural bristle broom. It is also resistant to stains, so there is no fear of any paint or any other substance leaving a hue on the grass. It can be easily cleaned with disinfectant, soap and water.

Long Life and Durability 

Artificial grass can remain in good condition for 20-25 years. This is the actual advantage for the high price of artificial turf. It is durable, and it can easily endure use for years without any wear and tear. Real grass would have to be changed because of damage by the weather or constant use. The multiple lower layers of artificial grass are made of recycled material such as rubber tyres or natural cork, which also make it environmentally friendly. 

Perfect for All Climate 

One benefit of artificial grass is how it is made for all kinds of environment, and it can withstand all types of weather. It is manufactured in such a way to resist ultraviolet rays from the sunlight, so its colour does not fade. It will retain its colour throughout use.

Beautiful outdoor garden

Variety of Choice 

Artificial grass is offered in a variety of types depending on the blade lengths, the colour of the grass and texture. It is also available with options of a mixture of grass blade lengths and colour giving off a more natural look. It also comes in different sizes, there are either long rolls of grass mats, or there are also smaller squared grass patches that come in handy during designing.

Designed Gardens 

With the recent rise in the trend of designed manicured gardens, artificial grass use has also increased. It is easier to cut and place and create immaculately designed gardens.

Cheaper than Real Grass 

One thing that does surprise most people is how much less expensive it is than real grass in the long run. Artificial grass only demands spending during the time of buying and installing it. It can be high priced but the fact that it can be used to up to 25 years, quickly diminishes the fact, and you only need to pay for an installer to install it into your garden. After the installation of the grass, there will be no spending on the upkeep of the grass. You will save money on the huge amount of fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers and not need to pay anyone to mow it or keep it in good condition. 

For all the reasons mentioned above, it makes a lot of sense to switch to artificial grass instead of a natural one.