Why Do Plants Need Water To Grow?

Are you wondering why do plants need water? Did you know that one of essential things that your plants need is water? Get to know why do plants need water and its importance by reading the information below.

​As you all know, water is one of the crucial things that plants need for them to be able to keep on thriving. But you should know that overwatering your plants can also be bad. The good thing is, you will be aware that you are watering your plant correctly.

One of the easiest ways on how you can check is by putting one finger in your soil, and if the soil is moist, then this means that you have already watered the plants enough. Now if it is dry, then this means that the plant needs to have more water. The same goes if the soil is already pulling away from the pot’s sides, it also means that it needs more water.

So Why Do Plants Need Water?

​Plants need water because it will help in transporting the nutrients needed all throughout the plants. The nutrients will be drawn from the pot’s soil which will then be consumed by the plant. If you are not watering them enough, then the plants will start to droop as well since the cells of the plants need to be well watered.

Why Do Plants Need Water To Grow

​The nutrients and sugar are dissolved into the plants, which is being carried by the water. This is why if you are not watering your plants, then there won’t be proper water balance, which will then make the plant malnourished. It will also make the plant weak, and it will have a hard time supporting the plant’s weight.

Here are some of the other reasons as to why do plants need water

​Helps In The Plant’s Photosynthesis

​For people who don’t know, photosynthesis is the plant’s process wherein they need energy for them to be able to grow. This is the stage where they need carbon dioxide, water, and as well as sunlight.

​Helps In The Plant’s Germination

​The water is used to help the plant’s germination to be activated. The water also helps in ensuring that the seed will start softening, which will make it easier for your plants to start breaking through.

​Helps In Transferring The Nutrients

Why Do Plants Need Water

​Another good thing about watering your plant is that it helps in moving the nutrients to the plants from the soil. The nutrients are being absorbed by the plants through a solution, which is why providing the plant with the right amount of water will make it easier for them to absorb the needed nutrients.

​Helps In Transpiration

​Transpiration is the stage where the water is moving up to the stem from the plant’s roof to the leaf. This is where the nutrients and water continuously flow to ensure that the cells of the plant will be firm. It can be a problem if the cells are not getting enough water as this can make the plant’s to lose its firmness.

​Enhances Plants Structure

​Since plants don't have any external or internal skeletons, they need to stay healthy and firm. Watering them will keep your plants’ strength to be at its strongest. It will also help the plants to adapt and survive in the surroundings that they have.

Do All Plants Need Water?

Why Do Plants Need Water

Always put in mind that not all plants are the same, which means that every plant will require a certain amount of water. When it comes to outdoor plants, you won’t be able to control the water because there is a possibility that your plants can get more water if it rains. This is the reason why ensuring that the soil can properly drain is essential, as too much water can only damage or affect the growth of the plant.

How Water Travels To The Plant?

The water needs to enter the plant’s rooting system, wherein the water will start moving through the plant’s stem and all the way to the fruit or flowers, and the leaves. The reason why the water can travel is that of the xylem vessels, which acts like the capillaries, which is responsible for moving the water to the different parts of your plant.


These are all the information as to why do plants need water. Just make sure that you are putting just enough water, especially if the weather has been rainy for days now. As this will help in making sure that your plants won’t drown in too much water. This will also avoid them to lack the water that they need for them to be able to grow well.

Start watering your plants for them to be able to get the nutrients that they need for them to grow healthily and produce ample of crops for you.

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Why Do Plants Need Water