Types Of White Orchid White Stripes

One of the most popular decorative flowers is the orchid. These beauties usually grow in the tropical rainforest but are prized when cultivated by skilled growers as well. Orchid cultivation is becoming a more popular hobby, and many competitions exist for the orchid enthusiast. These flowers come in a large variety of shapes and colors. One of the more unusual and beloved colors of orchid is the white orchid. There are a variety of white orchid white stripes.

The white orchid blooms are particularly popular, in part due to their fresh and delicate look. They are exceptional as decoration for home and major events, particularly weddings. The interest in cultivating these soft, beautiful flowers has grown steadily over the years. White orchid white stripes are a popular adaptation. These tropical flowers are being found more and more in temperate climates. Skilled cultivators are growing them inside and tending to them closely so the weather changes do not pose a problem.

Types Of White Orchid White Stripes

Cattleya Orchid

There are quite a few orchids that feature white blooms. The Cattleya, for instance, is a large orchid with a strong sent. It often features a yellowish color in the center. Besides white, it also comes in pink, lavender, purple, yellow, and other hues. Cattleyas are often used in wedding decorations, both in centerpieces and the bouquet. If you are looking for white orchid white stripes, there are also several sub-species of the plant that are similar. Generally, Cattleyas only produce two to four blooms per season.

white cattleya orchids

Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium orchids are another variety that features white flowers as one of their hues. These orchids have smaller blooms than Cattleya’s do and often come in sprays. Each spray (or branch) will typically have ten to twenty flowers. While dendrobiums tend to grow in humid and tropical forests, they have been increasingly cultivated because of their beautiful white orchid white stripes. They can also be found frequently at weddings, and are lovely as a decoration on the wedding cake.

White Dendrobium orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The Phalaenopsis is an orchid species which has a single stalk. The stalk emerges from the plant and bears the flowers. They are white orchid white stripes, but come with small additions of other colors. These hues depend on its sub-species or hybrid.

white Phalaenopsis orchids

Vanda Orchid

Vanda orchids feature small to medium sized blooms. They may feature white orchid white stripes or spots of other colors. These orchids tend to grow on a flat stalk and have long leaves. The flowers bloom from the base of the leaves, and average between three and ten blooms.

white Vanda orchids

These and other species of orchid are exceptionally prized for their wonderful white orchid blooms. While these four examples are commonly found among florists and cultivators, there are countless other species and hybrids which are more rarely seen. White orchid white stripes are a beautiful addition to any home or garden, if you can create the proper conditions.