15 Creative Tree Stump Ideas To Style Up Your Garden

It breaks your heart when your beloved tree became sick and died. You still can keep the good memories by repurposing the leftover tree stump.

Take a look at the tree stump ideas below and start your project right away.

Tree Stump Ideas

#1. Tree Stump Outdoor Table

#2. Climbing Wall Play Set

#3. Tree Stump Planter

#4. Mosaic Tree Stump Table

#5. Bird Bath

#6. Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe

#7. Fairy Garden Old Stump

#8. Bird Condos

#9. Tree Stump Chair

#10. Repurposing A Tree Stump As A Fairy House

#11. Tree Stump Garden Decor and Sculpture

#12. Make Fountain From A Tree Stump and Recycled Tea Pots

#13. Tree Stump Bench

#14. Tree Stump House

#15. Create A Container Garden On A Tree Stump

Tree Stump Ideas



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