TPO roofing membranes. What is it and what is it for?

TPO Membrane (Thermoplastic Polyolefin Reinforced Membrane) is a high-tech polymer roofing material. It combines an EPDM membrane’s elasticity with a PVC membrane’s strength. These physical properties provide ease of installation and long-term operation of the roof.


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It is made of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber with the addition of special additives that improve its operational and fire-fighting properties. Due to the high content of polypropylene (about 30%), this roofing membrane has exceptional chemical resistance. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties and characteristics, the TPO membrane can be installed on roofs with almost any slope, which is very important. Also, it is important to choose a good tpo roofing contractors, since this is a rather complex type of work that requires great professionalism. You can do this through the website HomeQuote.

Installation of TPO Roofing Membrane

Temperature characteristics allow the installation of this roofing material both in winter and in summer. The TPO membrane is used both in the Far North and in countries with a very hot climate. This material is produced in three colors: white, gray, and black. You can see what a roof with a membrane of one color or another looks like by clicking on the link. The use of white roofing material allows you to save up to 30% of electricity for air conditioning in the summer.

Benefits of TPO Membrane

  • hot air assembly
  • environmental friendliness of this roofing membrane
  • improved weather resistance
  • low sail roofing system
  • high tensile strength, puncture, and abrasion due to reinforced mesh
  • the service life of 25 years
  • the possibility of mounting the membrane on roofs with any slope and configuration
  • high physical and technical indicators

Installation of the TPO membrane

This type of membrane has very high technical parameters: durability, elasticity, tensile strength, resistance to destruction, and ultraviolet radiation. Also, it does not pollute the environment, as it does not contain chlorine.

The installation of the TPO membrane takes place with hot air, which allows covering large areas in a fairly short time. Another big advantage of this roofing membrane is that it is installed in one layer. This allows you to significantly reduce its cost.

An important characteristic of the TPO membrane is its vapor permeability, which is very important in the process of further exploitation of the roof. There are no so-called “bubbles” on the roofing and, accordingly, it is not necessary to resort to premature repair of the membrane roof.

This material is perfect for installation as a new roof and for the reconstruction of the old one. The seams of the TPO membrane sheets, as already mentioned, are hot-air welded using special equipment, which ensures a reliable and monolithic connection of the membrane sheets.