Top 10 Essential Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Own

Gardening is made much easier by having the correct gardening tools. Garden tools can take up lots of space especially if you go into purchasing them without knowing specifically what you need. They may also be very costly. Some of the most essential gardening tools are the following;

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1. Garden fork

Digging forks are used for lifting, loosening and turning over soil. They are especially useful on extremely compacted or rocky soils.there are various types of digging forks;

  • Forks with a curvature- They are used for scooping and turning  compact piles
  • Forks with straight tines -They are used for digging rocky, compacted or clay soil
  • Forks with square tines -They are strong hence they be used in rocky places

2. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a gardening tool used to collect and move staff such as compost, fertilizers and seeds. Wheelbarrows can also be used in mixing fertilizers. lightweight wheelbarrows are recommended to ensure easy transportation of heavy loads.

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 3. Hoe

A garden hoe is used for various functions such as;

  • Loosening the soil to aerate the soil
  • Cutting down weeds
  • Creating trenches and furrows for planting seeds
  • Harvesting root crops

The blades of a hoe should always be kept sharp to ensure efficiency. When purchasing a garden hoe, it is important to consider the shape and size of the head depending on what you intend to use the hoe for. Some hoes are meant for digging deep into the soil while others are efficient for surface work.

4. Spade

A spade is a hand tool used for light digging, moving small amounts of dirt and for edging. A gardener should purchase a quality spade as it will last for a very long time. I recommend using the stainless steel type of spade as it doesn’t rust easily hence lasts longer. A shovel may be used for the same function as a spade but spades are more efficient.

5. Dibbers

A dibber is a gardening tool used to make planting holes for seeds and seedlings. It can also be used to plant bulbs. Dibbers make planting very easy. You just have to push with a bit of effort into the soil to create a hole for the bulb or the seedlings.

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6. Watering Hose

A watering hose is an essential gardening tool especially in areas when the rain is unreliable and hence cannot be counted upon to water the plants. A watering hose is efficient as it gives an extra reach in comparison to a watering can which is only efficient for small spaces.

Factors to consider when choosing a watering tool include;

  • Garden hose size -This refers to its diameter which determines if you have enough pressure in the hose to water the plants.
  • Garden hose length -A hose that is too short may limit coverage, yet an extremely long one may be hard to navigate.

7. Garden Knife

A garden knife is an essential gardening tool as it can be used to perform numerous tasks and can be used as a replacement for many gardening tools. Functions of a garden knife include cutting weeds, planting bulbs, opening bags, removing rocks and cutting out twines.

8. Rake

A rake is used for whisking away debris and fallen leaves. There is a wide variety of rakes. steel rakes are generally stronger than plastic ones and can be rough on delicate lawns. Adjustable rakes are able to reach narrow areas hence gathering leaves and debris better.

9. Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is a gardening tool used to transplant bedding plants, light digging small holes, mixing fertilizers and taking out weeds. I recommend purchasing a forged trowel as it resists bending if it hits a rock.

10. Watering can

A watering can is a gardening tool used to water plants. Plastic watering cans are cheaper than metallic ones but metallic watering cans are more durable. Though metallic watering cans are heavier, they are both equally efficient.

11. Pole saw

A pole saw a very handy pruning and trimming device for cutting large branches from your tree. Pole saw is an essential tool for your gardening tasks like cutting limbs or pruning trees to keep them in shape.  

You can employ them for cutting branches that are over your head and too far away. But you can’t simply treat pole saw just another tool in your garage workshop. There are four types of Pole saws: gas-powered, corded or cordless, electric and manual pole saw. For more info about top-rated pole saw check yoursaw.


With these tools, you are now ready to own and manage your garden efficiently. You can probably think of a few more essential garden tools but these are the foundations for proper gardening. When purchasing gardening tools, ensure you invest in high-quality tools that are durable and efficient. You should also ensure proper storage and maintenance of your tools.