Effects Of Too Much Oil In A Lawn Mower And Possible Remedies

By Ann Sanders | Lawn Care

too much oil in lawn mower

Every lawn mower needs to oiling to prevent overheating while in use. Oil also lubricates your mower to make it work efficiently. So I oiled my lawn mower and took it out to the garden. While moving my lawn, the muffler started emitting white fumes and oil started coming out of the muffler. Asking around, I learned I place too much oil in lawn mower.

​Too much oil in the crankcase can damage the motor of the lawn mower. Too much oil can also cause the lawn mower to leak which can damage other parts of the lawn mower other than its motor.

​This is a classic case of when too much or too little can affect how an engine works.

​Effects Of Too Much Oil In Lawn Mower

When your lawn mower does not have enough oil, there will be friction between the parts of the mower which causes it to overheat. Too much oil on the other hand will make the lawn mower produce more heat than it needs and will also cause it to overheat.

​When there is too much oil in lawn mower, it will have a hard start. White smoke will also be emitted by the muffler.

​When too much oil reaches the crankcase of the lawn mower, it will cause the oil sump to overflow. An overflowing oil sump will affect the function of the crankcase.

​Leaking oil from a lawn mower is a fire hazard. As you keep the lawn mower in the garage, the fuel leakage will possibly cause a fire and blow your whole house.Also, the leak can cause damage to the soil. More importantly, leaking oil can eventually lead to the lawn mower malfunctioning.

​Therefore, the signs of too much oil in lawn mower are oil splatters all over the muffler, white smoke from the muffler and the engine has a hard start.

​What To Do

If you notice some effects of too much oil in lawn mower, unscrew the oil tube and release as much oil as you can from the crankcase. If there really is too much oil in the crankcase, let’s have a professional drain it out.

​When unloading excess oil, tilt the lawn mower to its side with the carburetor facing upwards to prevent any oil from getting into the combustion chamber and the carburetor.

​Release the oil into a suitable container. Clean up any spilled oil of the parts of the lawn mower. When oil gets into the combustion chamber and carburetor, the motor will definitely have a hard start.

​Change the oil filter after draining excess oil. Properly dispose of excess oil to protect the environment.

​How To Avoid Placing Too Much Oil

There is only one way to avoid placing too much oil in lawn mower – read the owner’s manual and know how much oil it needs to efficiently function. When you see signs of too much oil, drain it immediately. It is necessary to seek for the help of the professionals if you can’t handle excess oil.

​You now know how to drain excess oil from your lawn mower. If you enjoy and learn from this article, share it with your friends. Should you have any suggestions, share with us in the comments section.


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