The Best Smart Home Products for Renters

Getting a new home is a very exciting experience. You get to choose the things for decorating your home. A home is an extension of your personality so no matter what you do; your home will represent you.



Minimalistic, modern, chic, bohemian, colorful, monotone, dramatic, or traditional you get to put your interest on display. It is like living in a museum where your characteristics and interests are hung on the wall. People who have an interest in interior decoration especially look forward to moving into a new home. This is the same for people who are tech-savvy and want to enjoy the privileges of a smart home while staying on a budget. 

However, the excitement can take a direct hit if you are renting the house. Generally, renter policies are very strict. Most property owners do not allow the renter to repaint the house. Others have a strict no-nail and wiring policy. These restrictions leave little to no room for imagination since most renovation projects require at least a few adjustments. For the most part like the paint job, hanging wall art, or setting the theme for the house, you will see many alternatives. From using wallpaper to adding stick-on for wall art, most DIY experts have tried offering solutions for almost everything.  

When it comes to smart homes, things might change a little especially because you need at least some kind of wring to hook things. Moreover, the budget restrictions do not complement the smart home projects in most cases. 

To offer a viable solution, tech experts and smart home companies have come up with simple, portable yet wireless smart home appliances. 

For these simple smart home appliances, you do not need to nail things down or get things wired. Another fun part is that these appliances are simple to install, and portable yet affordable so, you can use them as a renter or as a homeowner. 

Since these things are wireless, you can easily carry them when you move to a new house. To install these appliances you will just need a good internet connection with good WIFI that can support these appliances regardless of their location. We recommend, Optimum Internet connection for smart home appliances as it offers the best speed with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The best thing about Optimum is the flawless, seamless, and wall-to-wall coverage it offers with the Wi-Fi. 

Best Smart Home Products for Renters

Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are a great option to introduce smart lighting without getting into the lengthy wiring process. The best thing about the smart bulb is that you will get it in different shapes and sizes. From basic food lightning and night light to full bright light, you will get to control the lighting with just one tap. Apart from this, you can connect it to the audio assistance as well as your phone. With a smart bulb, you do not need to get off your seat, as you will be able to control the light from anywhere, anytime. 

Benefits for Renters 

As a renter, a smart bulb is a very good option because it is affordable and portable. If you have a small home, you can get one or two smart bulbs. However, if you have a big house, you can easily use the same two bulbs anywhere as they require no wiring. 

Smart Plugs

As a renter, one of the main goals is to reduce the utility bills as much as possible. With smart plugs, you will get to control everything with the use of your phone or just the voice assistant. The best thing about these plugs is that you can use them to plug anything. From small appliances like lights and music speakers to big appliances like ovens and air conditioners. 

Benefits for Renters 

As a renter, a smart plug will help you convert all the appliances around the home into smart appliances. This is perfect for renters who are renting small studio apartments and do not want to spend too much money on getting started with the smart home.  The smart plugs are easily available and affordable yet they offer full control. 

Smart Lock

A smart lock is a very simple solution to all your security and safety-related problems. Attacking the smart lock to your front door will offer you not only a decent security system within your budget but it will also offer you a full security system. Smart locks have so many different variations, you can choose something with or without a camera based on your needs. 

Benefits for Renters 

For renters with limited security options, a smart lock is the best option. Generally, a security system consists of four security cameras along with one door lock system. However, this requires extensive wiring and constant monitoring. With a smart lock, you do not need wiring and you can decide where you want to place the system based on your needs. 

Smart Speaker

This is one of the essentials that are not just used for listening to music but also is the best option for switching all your smart home equipment to voice control. With a smart speaker, you get to listen to your favorite songs, stay updated about the weather, listen to the news, or enjoy podcasts while you work. However, if you have other appliances, smart lights, or smart drapes, you can control everything with your voice. 

Benefits for Renters 

For renters, the smart speaker is a must-have because not only it is portable but can be adjusted and placed anywhere. The best thing about smart speakers is that there are so many variations to choose from. You can get something as small as your palm or as big as your window. 

Bottom Line

Smart homes are generally perceived as a thing of the future so only tech-savvy, uber-rich people can afford it. However, tech companies have introduced portable yet affordable smart equipment for renters.