The Best Milorganite Alternatives for Your Lawn

Milorganite is one of the very best fertilizers available to buy. It is a multi-purpose fertilizer that is composed of heat-dried microbes, is slow-releasing, and can be used on flowers, lawns, and shrubs.  

If you’re looking for an alternative because there’s a shortage, or you’d like something a little more budget-friendly, we’ve got you covered! There’s plenty of substitutes, and we’ve been busy selecting our favorite organic alternatives.

Regardless of your price point or preference, we’ve made selections that will tailor to all. So, without further ado, here are some of the leading natural fertilizer solutions available to purchase today.

In a hurry? Here’s our top picks


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First up, we have selected the Superior Nitrogen & Potash Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer. If you’re wondering what it’s made of, it is essentially a bioactive, phosphate-free nutritional fertilizer that will ensure that all the key nutrients for growth are delivered to the soil, without overfeeding the plants.

Not only will it allow the soil to break down the nutrients that it needs when it needs it (this prevents burning as the slower process allows the soil to regulate) the Superior Nitrogen & Potash Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer also contains all of the essential ingredients to promote overall health and strength of the soil in the long run.

It also contains a powerful blend of nitrogen, potassium, and humic acid that work together to not only promote growth but also to encourage greener grass. This is all thanks to the key element of humic acid that helps to create the correct soil conditions to effectively transfer the nutrients to the plant cell, evenly distributing it throughout.  

Ensuring that you can nourish your lane safely, this organic fertilizer is designed with convenience in mind and can be applied quickly across all grass types, including Bermuda grass,, Palmetto, St. Augustine grass, Zoysia, Fescue, Bluegrass and many more.

Main features:

  • It is able to improve resistance to both hot and cold kinds of weather

  • It is compatible to be used with every grass type

  • It promotes the strength, hardiness and overall health of the soil in the long run

  • Free from any and all harsh chemicals

  • Helps to achieve ‘‘greener’ grass


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Regardless of the season, the Safer Brand Lawn Restore will ensure that your lawn is given all of the nutrients that it needs to flourish, making it a great choice for those who live in an area that often experiences fluctuating weather patterns. 

Requiring just three applications per year, this low maintenance milorganite alternative will help your lawn to grow and stay healthy. What’s more, each application will last up to eight weeks and provide a slow and steady release of nutrients that will help to improve overall health over time.

Plus, just like the name suggests, this organic fertilizer contains plenty of nitrogen, as well as other nutrients, that will be slowly released into the soil to reduce the chances of your plants getting burned. It is also enriched with an NPK balance of 9-0-2,  which provides the perfect balance for your lawn to grow and thrive.

Once applied, this fertilizer gets to work in enriching the soil with nutrients that will nourish the different microorganisms present within the soil that help to create a fertile environment for plants to grow. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy a vibrant, flourishing, and healthy garden that will last throughout the year.

Main features:

  • It works in a very similar way to Milorganite and is able to feed nutrients and healthy bacteria to both the soil and plants

  • It is suitable to be used on both warm and cold season kinds of grass such as Bermuda grass, St. Augustine, Ryegrass and so forth

  • Even if you use a lot of it, this organic and gentle fertilizer will not burn the soil.

  • It has been made with plant-based materials only and is free of any harsh chemicals

  • Not only does it help to encourage growth, but it also prevents the spread of pesky weeds

  • It’s a slow-release organic fertilizer much like milorganite 


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Another leading choice is The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer, consisting of an amino-acid enriched formula that is on par with the effectiveness of milorganite. 

There are plenty of reasons why the 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer stands out to us  Firstly, as it contains a high percentage of amino acids, as well as an organic extended nitrogen release source, this organic fertilizer is designed to stimulate the growth of healthy soils and plants. It achieves this by delivering a large amount of carbon to the soil, which in turn helps to create the perfect conditions for plant growth and seed germination.

Plus, unlike many other organic fertilizers, you’ll come across, Innova doesn't have strong odors (so you won’t have to cover your nose!) It also doesn't carry any risk of over-feeding or burning, and is also safe to apply in both hot and cold weather.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to apply this soy-based fertilizer with peace of mind, as it is both pet and child safe. 

Main features:

  • It does not include any animal waste products and is made entirely from plant-based ingredients

  • It does not run the risk of burning the soil/turf if you use too much of it in one go

  • Its nourishing formula is enriched with concentrated amounts of amino acids, which is great for stimulating growth

  • It does not contain any iron, so if you would like a greener lawn, you will have to purchase iron supplements separately



If you’re on the lookout for a milorganite alternative that will allow you (or your pets) to walk across the lawn immediately after use, the Scotts Natural Lawn Food might be the fertilizer for you.

Made with all-natural ingredients, Scotts Natural Lawn Food is your one-way ticket to achieving a thriving lawn - organically. 

As soon as you have applied, it will be safe to walk on (which we’re sure anyone who has playful children or pets will appreciate!). Not only that, but Scotts Natural Lawn Food is also suitable to be used on any grass type during any season, ensuring that no matter what the time of year, you can achieve a healthy, well-grown lawn. 

Additionally, as it is a slow-release lawn fertilizer, this all-purpose lawn food helps to promote lush, green lawn over time by creating a balanced and sustainable growing environment both above and below the soil. The lawn results you’ll achieve with this fantastic formulation are more than definitely worth the wait.

Main features:

  • It is safe for pets and children as it contains no dangerous or harsh chemicals

  • As soon as you have applied it, your children or pets can go out and play on the lawn immediately

  • The very high nitrogen ratio within this 11-2-2 NPK formulation ensures optimum growth of both the soil and the plants


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If you have a large lawn and want to get your hands on a cost-effective milorganite alternative, we recommend the Purely Organic Lawn Food!

Interestingly enough, this bestselling fertilizer has been used by professional sports venues for many years to ensure that their grass areas are in tip-top condition. 

It works by nourishing your lawn from the inside out thanks to its slow-releasing formula that is entirely plant-based. There are no limitations on how often you apply (you can do so as often as you want) and, because it encourages thick, thriving grass, it is also able to help prevent any weeds from growing or spreading across your lawn. 

Its 25-pound bag contains enough product to be able to cover up to 5,000 square feet, while the quick and convenient application process ensures a fuss-free experience. As soon as you have applied it to your yard, your children or pets will be able to immediately walk over it with no issues, while its manure-free formulation guarantees no pleasant odors left lingering.

Main Features:

  • It is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fertilizer. This is because Purely Organic refines and blends ingredients from landfill sites to create this all-natural fertilizer, making it both effective and affordable.

  • It can cover up to 5,000 square feet

  • Organic formula


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Last up we have the Epsoma EOLF28 Organic All Season Lawn Food, an entirely nitrogen formulation (containing 7.6 water-insoluble nitrogen) that is extremely slow-releasing.

The Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food has been specifically designed to improve the plant's ability to take in nutrients by increasing the amount of carbon within the soil, resulting in better seed germination and thriving plant growth.  

It contains 4 biologically active components: HAP, fulvic acid, humic acid, and humin that help to ensure that the mixture remains effective for a longer period of time before needing to be reapplied.

We think that it is a particularly good alternative to milorganite because it contains 2% pure non-staining iron, which helps to promote greener, more vibrant looking grass.

Main Features:

  • Contains 2% non-staining iron for green, healthy-looking grass

  • It is entirely organic and made from iron oxide, poultry manure, as well as containing 4 biologically active ingredients

  • It is slow-releasing

  • Just like the name suggests, it can be used all year round, regardless of the season

  • It won’t overfeed or burn the soil or plants

The Best Milorganite Alternatives for Your Lawn Buying Guide

If you’d like some more information before selecting your milorganite alternative (or you simply fancy turning yourself into an organic fertilizer expert), keep reading to learn more about what to keep in mind when making a selection, as well as the advantages of using an organic fertilizer:

Basic features your milorganite alternative should have:

  • The organic fertilizer you select should be slow-releasing (we’ll explain why below!)
  • Keep an eye out for fertilizers with a high nitrogen content
  • It won’t overfeed your plants, which could lead to them getting burned
  • If you would like a more vibrant, green lawn, ensure that the fertilizer has a high iron content
  • It should be free from harsh chemicals

Benefits of organic fertilizer:

As there are so many synthetic garden fertilizers on the market, you might find yourself wondering if it’s really all that important to use organic fertilizers instead, right? After all, if it’s going to make your garden grow, what’s the problem? Well, when it comes to synthetic chemical fertilizers, though they may do the job in the short term, they can actually be pretty damaging in the long run. Organic gardening, on the other hand, focuses on the overall health of the soil and, though results may take longer, it’s worth the wait and ensures a flourishing garden that will last.

Organic fertilizers do take a while to start working. This is because, in order for organic fertilizers to be effective, the soil needs to first break it down. By doing so, the soil is able to regulate the amount of nutrition that it gets fed. Though synthetic fertilizers will get to work immediately (as the chemicals are powerful enough to permeate the soil) this often leads to the plant getting overfed, damaging them, and leaving them burned. 

With all that being said, here are some of the top benefits of using organic fertilizers:

Organic ​fertilizers ​help to ​improve ​soil ​health ​over ​time:

Organic fertilizers are not just good for plants, they’re also good for the soil. They allow the soil to hold water longer,  increase the bacterial activity in the soil (the good kind) and deliver plenty of nourishing nutrients to create the perfect environment for the growth of whatever has been planted within it. 

On the other hand, synthetic fertilizers are a little different. Though they offer short term effects, they actually deplete the soil of its nutrients, which in turn makes it more difficult to grow anything of substance from it. 

Organic ​fertilizers are ​safer ​than ​synthetic ​fertilizers:

When you select an organic fertilizer, you also select the peace of mind! When using one, you can rest assured that not only are organic fertilizers safe for the environment, but they are also safer for your family, and your pets. 

If you use synthetic fertilizers and care about the environment, you might want to swap it out for an organic choice. Synthetic fertilizers require a significant amount of fossil fuels to produce and process and can often runoff into nearby water sources like streams and lakes, which contributes to the world’s carbon footprint. 

In general, organic fertilizers are just a lot more ‘kinder’ to use. They reduce the risk of plants getting burned, nourish the soil, and are a much more environmentally-conscious selection.

Organic ​fertilizers are ​easy ​to ​use:

Don’t be put off from choosing an organic fertilizer if you think that they might be more difficult to use! Organic fertilizers are just as easy to apply as synthetic fertilizers and completely minimize the chances of your plants getting burned. Whether you add them to your soil or you want to spray them on leaves, they add countless benefits to your garden, all the while providing the same amount of convenience and ease as chemical fertilizers.