Stihl KombiSystem Review

Are you thinking of purchasing the Stihl KombiSystem?

Power tools can be an expensive investment, but picking the right one can make life considerably easier and can help you keep your outdoor living areas in tip-top condition.

We’ve studied the Stihl KombiSystem in detail to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about this model before you take the plunge.

Power Tools: Gas or battery?

Many garden power tools are either gas-powered or battery-powered. Both types have their pros and cons, and making the best choice for you ultimately depends on how you plan to use the tool in your garden.

Having the correct equipment will make it much easier to landscape and maintain your garden effectively.

Keep in mind that power tools are often more complex to use compared to hand tools and will require more maintenance because they contain power connections, gears and motors. 

Battery powered yard tools are often a good alternative to gas powered tools as you won’t have to worry about petrol, cables, fuels or any extra equipment that you might otherwise need to carry out the job.

Although they often produce good results, gas powered tools can also often require regular maintenance.

They can also be messy to use or release unpleasant fumes. Battery operated yard tools are also an environmentally friendly choice. 

The Stihl KombiSystem is available in both a gas-powered and battery-powered form.

For the purposes of this article we will primarily be looking at the gas version, however we will touch on the technical specifications on the battery-powered version.

What exactly is the Stihl KombiSystem?

The Stihl KombiSystem is a versatile multi-task power tool for work around the home. It is made up of a wide motorhead and several interchangeable attachments.

These attachments allow you to carry out various garden maintenance tasks, such as trimming, edging, pruning, tilling and more (the list goes on and on!).

Arguably the best thing about the KombiSystem model is its adaptability; the attachments can be swapped over easily to tackle all of your gardening tasks efficiently.

The shaft separates from the motorhead to allow the different attachments to be connected and locked into place to ensure a safe and secure connection.

Using the KombiSystem to cover all your gardening needs can be a great alternative to maintaining several expensive power tools to tackle issues on an individual basis.

Stihl Brand History

If you’re investing in a expensive power tool chances are you’ll want some reassurance that the brand is a reliable or trusted company.

Company founder Andreas Stihl designed and built the first two-person electric chain saw in 1926. The launch of this portable chain saw revolutionized the forestry industry and marked an important change in the way outdoor work was carried out.

Over the 90+ years that followed Stihl’s initial invention, the brand has gone on to produce more than 80 different models designed to make work easier in professional forestry and agriculture, in landscape maintenance, on construction sites and for the homeowner.

They now have over 2000 employees who manufacture millions of powerheads every year in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Stihl KombiSystem Key Features

Packed with useful features, the Stihl KombiSystem should be able to deliver on all they key gardening tasks, whether it’s trimming hedges, edging lawns, turning borders or clearing pathways, the KombiSystem will do all the hard work for you.

Simply select the best attachment for the task and slide it into place. The attachment can be secured into position via the quick-release coupling system.

This system is really simple to use and navigate and means that you can save on storage space because you will not require several different yard tools. It also means that this a very adaptable tool that should be helpful for all kinds of different gardening tasks.

If you need to trim some heavy brush that is too thick for a traditional trimmer, for example, simply add the brush cutting attachment to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

The fact that this is such a versatile tool means that it can be really helpful when you need to move on to larger-scale projects.

KombiSystem Attachments

Let’s look at the various KombiSystem attachments that may be beneficial to you. Each attachment is designed to offer a premium, high-quality finish that should fit the bill perfectly.

There are a couple of brushcutter attachments that would be ideal if you need something to trim grasses, weeds or any areas of scrubland. The brushcutter attachments can also help you to clear grass or weeds that may have popped up along garden walls, fences, under hedges or along pathways.

One of the attachments features a grass-cutting blade, which is made of steel for maximum durability and works well for mowing tough, dry grass or reeds. 

If you’re looking to use the KombiSystem to clean up any areas in your garden or allotment there a few helpful attachments that should do the job nicely.

The bristle brush attachment, for example, should help you clean dirt from paved areas like paths or driveways quickly and effectively.

The stiff bristles and backwards rotating brush on this attachment help to thoroughly remove dirt, dust and debris and the useful guard should stop any dirt flicking over you as you work.

If you’re planning to use the KombiSystem to clear leaves during fall, there’s a practical leaf blower attachment available which will easily clear leaves and any grass or plant clippings.

You can also get an additional curved flat nozzle for this attachment, which makes it much easier to clear away wet or compact leaves. 

The KombiSystem is designed so that you can mix and match between multiple tools and various engines according to what works best for your individual needs. Whatever you need to tackle, you are sure to find the best KombiSystem attachment for your needs.

Are there any other tasks that the KombiSystem can help with?

If you grow your own produce or maintain an allotment or vegetable patch, there are a couple of other attachments for the Stihl KombiSystem that may be beneficial to you.

The pick tine attachment, for example, is a lightweight cultivator that’s really useful for when you need to get into tight places or enclosed spots in the garden. This attachment can be used to help rejuvenate flower beds or plantings, and is especially helpful for cultivating and aerating soil.

If you’re after something that will help you dig over your vegetable beds, for instance, the pick tine is definitely for you! 

Another practical attachment is the FCB-KM edge trimmer. The edge trimmer is essentially a curved shaft edging tool which is designed to edge along paths, driveways and flower beds.

It features an adjustable depth control wheel and a unique built-in blade which helps you to see what you’re doing clearly and ensure you achieve neat and precise edges in your garden.

Engine Options

If you go for the KombiSystem, you have a couple of options regarding the engine unit.

Before you select the engine type, it’s always useful to think about how you plan to use the KombiSystem and what kind of area you will need to cover in order to get the best fit for you. 

If you plan to use your KombiSystem in your own garden, there are two main engine types that should work well for you, detailed as follows;

  • KM 56 RC-E: This is a really practical, entry-level engine that would be an ideal choice if you’re working with a medium-sized garden. Lightweight and easy to start, this engine has been designed to feature Stihl ‘ErgoStart’ technology, which means that it won’t require a massive effort to get going the way other power tools can do. Although smaller, this engine is still very efficient and releases less harmful emissions compared to a standard 2-stroke petrol engine. 

  • KM 94 RC-E: This engine type would a be a good choice for larger-sized gardens. This engine also features ErgoStart technology to enable easy engine starting. The KM 94 engine also features a helpful ‘Ecospeed’ power control which enables you to control the speed of the engine from the button on the handle, which is a super handy feature to have. 

Both of these engines should come with a basic harness included which helps to support the weight of the machine when carrying out some of the more difficult gardening tasks, for example, trimming taller hedges. 

If you’re after a KombiSystem that will be more suited to professional use, there are a number of engines which may be a good fit for you, including the KM 111R, the KM 131R and the KMA 130R.

Each of these models have been designed for professional use and are often the go-to choice for landscapers who use the tools consistently throughout the day.

Budget: Value for Money?

Known for their reliability, it is true that Stihl products don’t come cheap. If you think you’ll be able to save money by not having to purchase lots of separate powered yard tools with the KombiSystem, you may be disappointed.

It’s fair to say that the attachments are a little on the expensive side. However each component is durable and has been built to last.

We feel that the extra expense required for this model is justified by its high-quality design and choice of multiple additional attachments.

Many of the products in the KombiSystem range also come with a Stihl limited warranty, which is usually around 2 years, so you can trust in the product and buy with confidence.

Keep in mind that product warranties do vary with products purchased for professional use, so this is something worth checking if it applies to you.

Safety Precautions

As with all power tools, users should always take into account the relevant safety precautions when working with them.

The Stihl kombiSystem range has been designed to incorporate many integrated safety features to ensure users are safe while working. Each attachment has an input safety precaution to ensure users are safe while handling it. 

Customers can also easily access owner manuals and safety brochures through the Stihl website to ensure they have a clear understanding of how to use the kombiSystem safely.

If you are unable to find the relevant information for your product on the website you can also email them directly to request the manual and safety brochure.

Reduced-Emission Engine Technology

Another advantage of the Stihl kombiSystem is the progressive environmental policy that the brand endorses.

Stihl are committed to developing products that minimize environmental impact and help to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

The Stihl Inc. ‘Caring for Nature’ seal identifies its powered products that are more environmentally conscious or produce zero or low exhaust emissions.

Other Advantages 

The kombiSystem is packed with useful design features that have been developed to improve the experience for the user and ensure that safety and comfort are maximized.

One of the features includes the anti-vibration system which works to ensure that oscillations from the machine’s engine are dampened.

This reduces vibrations at the handles, which is a big advantage as intense vibration at the handles of power tools can cause long-term problems with the blood vessels in the hands and arms. 

The kombiSystem can also be quickly dismantled when required for easy transport and storage thanks to the quick-release coupling, which allows it to be broken down into two parts and re-assembled easily without the need for tools.

Final Thoughts

The Stihl kombiSystem cannot be described as a budget-friendly option, and users will have to spend that little bit extra to get their hands on it.

However the smart design and many different attachments mean that it offers good value for money and allows users to complete many outdoor tasks quickly and easily. It is an incredibly versatile product that is easy to use and should achieve great results.

You can really see the thought that has gone into the design of this one, and it is clear that Stihl have considered all the features that can enhance comfort and performance.

The high-standard of craftsmanship means that the Stihl kombiSystem is a sound investment.