Soundproof Dog Crate And Why It Can Be A Good Thing

Dogs are man’s best friend. They love unconditionally and are very loyal, that’s why loving them in return is not a difficult thing to do. They can be that comfort you need during the most upsetting times of your life as they will not hesitate to stay right beside you until you feel okay again.

Sometimes, however, dogs can get totally out of control, especially when they start barking too much. Although it’s a natural thing for dogs to do, there are instances where they bark excessively that the noise already disturbs your neighbor, worse, even during the wee hours of the night when they expect to get a peaceful slumber.

But, why do dogs bark excessively? Here are the reasons why:

  • Separation anxiety – This usually happens when they feel that their owner is about to leave them behind for work, school or other similar reasons.
  • Looking for attention – When they have not been given enough attention, dogs may bark to get their owner’s attention. Usually, they only want to play or be petted or cuddled.
  • Has become bored or lonely – Again, when dogs are not able to have a playtime wherein they can release their energy, they may become bored and lonely and start to bark a lot.
  • Spots a stranger – Spotting an unfamiliar person, thing, or other animals may awaken dogs’ protectiveness and fear, urging them to bark.

Knowing that the above-mentioned problems may arise, making a soundproof dog crate may be a good idea to help your furry pet as well as to prevent your neighbor from complaining to authorities. There are a few ways to soundproof your dog’s crate. TheDIYClub’s guide to dog crates has also listed some of them. 

Here are three ways to soundproof your dog crates:

1. Use acoustic panels 

Using acoustic panels may not be that expensive but can greatly help in stopping dog barking. Given the fact that a dog crate is not that big, you will not need much. Although using alternatives like egg cartons or carpet may work, they will not be as effective and will probably not help much.

After buying the acoustic panels, you have to cut them to fit the dimension of your pet’s crate. Start from the bottom of the base of the crate and work your way up. Make sure that there is an extra length for overlapping to make soundproofing more effective. To attach the acoustic panels on your dog’s crate, you only have to use large binder clips. 

2. Use moving blankets 

The Moving blanket is another option that you can use if you are looking for something that is more affordable than an acoustic panel. Moving blankets are different from the regular blankets that you use at home because of how they are constructed.

They have several layers of padding that help in minimizing and blocking sounds from the crate. Using a moving blanket may also be ideal if you are only looking at soundproofing the crate temporarily. 

Man caressing his dog's fur

When using a moving blanket to soundproof the crate, you only have to snugly tuck in the blankets to properly cover the crate. You also have to make sure that there is proper ventilation in the crate so your pet will still feel comfortable staying in it.

Because moving blankets are not as effective as acoustic panels, you might want to consider using a second blanket to drape over the crate after using the first one.

3. Soundproofing the entire room 

If you have a lot of extra space or just don’t like putting your pet in a crate, you can also opt to just soundproof the entire room that your pet likes to stay in. 

Soundproofing the whole room can also become a space that you can use to stay in if you don’t want to be exposed to noise from the outside or if you will indulge in an activity that would produce a lot of noise. 

Dogs may also bark excessively when they are exposed to a very loud noise to which they are not accustomed. For example, fireworks during the Fourth of July celebrations, noise from snowplows,  or noise from a passing marching band can be quite alarming to your pet and send them to panic, making them bark loudly and frantically.

A soundproofed crate (or room if you want to go the extra mile) can protect dogs from outside noises and keep the noise they make from being heard by the neighbors. It can also become a safe space for these pets and they will surely love you more for it.