Quick and Easy Home Cleaning Tips to Try Today!

No-one enjoys cleaning; it’s time-consuming and stressful. The worst part is that we have to do it every single day.

For working-class people and busy mothers, this can be quite overwhelming. Some people even have to stay up until midnight cleaning to make sure the house is clean the next day for their families while they’re away. Even if you don’t have a green lawn, you certainly want to have a clean house.

If you don’t want to do the whole cleaning process, there are certainly wonderful options available like the house cleaning services offered by SwiftClean. But, in case you want to handle the cleaning yourself, then you might ask, “are there ways to make cleaning more manageable and less stressful?”

Below are some tips to make cleaning your home quick and easy:

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Organizing makes anything easier. When it comes to cleaning, an organization is perhaps the most important thing.

When you have a schedule, you automatically simplify your cleaning task since you’re able to tackle the cleaning process one step at a time effectively. For someone with a busy work schedule, this will prove especially useful.

Creating a cleaning schedule also allows you to prioritize your tasks. This means that you’ll be able to know what tasks to postpone and tackle the next day. Because not all parts of the house need to be cleaned every day, a cleaning schedule will help you apportion time that’ll be sufficient for maintaining a clean house while not eating into your rest time. This way, most of the stress of cleaning will be reduced. If you have been sticking to a cleaning schedule and are still experiencing increased stress levels, you may benefit from speaking to stress reduction experts, like the licensed therapists at BetterHelp.

Also, creating a schedule and sticking to it will generate consistency and ensure that your house is always clean. So, it’s best to have daily cleaning limited to quick tasks that won’t take time and are necessary.

The major cleaning should be scheduled for the weekend since you’ll have way more time on your hands. Alternatively, if you simply do not have any time to clean, consider hiring Absolute Domestic’s residential cleaners. This way, your major cleans can be done as frequently as you’d like.

Do Micro-Cleaning

Micro-cleaning involves doing minimal cleaning tasks whenever you get the opportunity to do so. Tasks such as decluttering your table, cleaning your kitchen tabletops, wiping down your sofa, dusting your furniture, etc.

This is awesome because it doesn’t feel like work and doesn’t take any time. You can do it while on a phone call or while listening to music. If this becomes a habit, then your days of stressful midnight cleaning will be over.

Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

This is a crucial tip that’s often overlooked. Stocking up on cleaning supplies is incredibly helpful. This will make sure that you won’t have to make any surprise dashes to the store for needed house cleaning products.

A lot of times, it happens that while you’re really busy or just exhausted, a spillage or mess might occur that needs a specific type of stain remover that you don’t have and will need to run to the store to get – this can be stressful. Because of a lack of supplies, you might decide to provide a quick fix that won’t tackle the problem and end up having a permanent stain on your rug, or you might choose to make a run to the store and end up being very stressed.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Reachable

This is also an essential step. A lot of stains can be prevented if you tackle them on time, which can be done if your supplies are easily accessible. This means the kitchen cleaner should be close to the stove, and the bathroom cleaner should be beneath the sink.

There will most likely be spills and messes here and there, and you must clean up the spills as quickly as they’re made to prevent them from becoming permanent. This will also enable you to clean as you go, which means that while you’re cooking, you’ll still be able to clean simultaneously, making the cleaning seem less daunting.

Wash Your Bedsheets Regularly

It’s very easy to forget to wash your bedsheets. Dirty sheets should be cleaned once a week. This will reduce the dust and musky smells in your bedroom, making your bedroom smell fresh and helping you sleep easy.

Clean Your Ceiling Fan

While this is a task that’ll leave you looking messy and covered in dust, it’s one that needs to be done.

The fan circulates air throughout the room and aids ventilation. If the blades are dusty, then the air in the room will be stuffy, and you’ll inhale dust particles that are very unhealthy for you. Thus, cleaning your ceiling fan will freshen up the smell and feel of your room.

Make sure that when you’re cleaning your fan, you use the pillowcase technique, which involves sliding an old pillowcase over the blades of the fan and slowly drawing the fabric to clean off the dust. This way, you successfully clean off the dust and prevent the dust from falling all over you and all over the floor because the dust will stay in the pillowcase.

Use The Circling Method

This is a method that’s popularly used for cleaning the kitchen, but that can also be used for cleaning any other room. What you do is start from one end of the room and circle your way back to that spot.

For example, if you’re cleaning your kitchen, you can start from the right side of your cooker, then make your way around the room in a clockwise fashion. This way, you’re cleaning in an organized manner.

A further tip is to start with the most challenging task. This will make it easier to deal with the other tasks as they’ll pale in comparison with the first.

Clean As You Go

This is perhaps the most helpful tip as it’ll ensure your house is clean all the time. What this means is that you’re cleaning messes as they’re being made.

For instance, while you’re cooking, you should be cleaning simultaneously. While you’re opening that delivery package, you should be picking up any bits and pieces while performing any task that leaves a mess behind. Thus, you should do your best to clean up immediately after the mess is being made.

It’s when we postpone the cleaning of these little details that they all congregate and become a huge and unbearable mess.

Clean After Every Meal

This is very straightforward. After each meal, clean immediately and don’t procrastinate this task. This will make sure that you don’t have a mountain of dishes to wash every night.

It’ll also ensure that your dining table is always clean.


Cleaning can be made easier and less stressful by cultivating specific habits that combat the stressful elements of cleaning.

If you’re careful to schedule your cleaning and follow it strictly, then you’ll be able to clean effectively and still have time left over to rest and relax in a clean environment.