Pros And Cons Of Bermuda

The purpose of this topic is to show you the pros and cons of having a Bermuda grass.

Bermuda grass is known by many names such as Duke grass, durva grass, dog’s tooth grass, Devils grass… It is named as dog’s tooth grass because dogs searched this grasses for its stomach ailments, hence the name. If taken by humans, bermuda grass is loaded with medicinal uses that can be used as home remedies. In India, bermuda grass is considered a sacred plant which has great significance  because of its medicinal as well as clinical properties. Bermuda grass also recovers from wear and tear very quickly.

Bermuda grass

It’s considered a weed because it just runs itself right to your beds. So what I’ve done is basically pull back my mulch. If you didn’t put down a barrier like tarp weed block, you can spray it with some white stuff like a favor. But the issue you have with is that you may have run off and get a lot of rain so if I spray, that grass will fail to bleed back over into the yard.

If a meter will bounce back they’ll take a long time down so I’m basically just gonna leave it for the motor back over your top runners. That’s like a buff that you can’t spray those individually. Don’t give it a good soaking with, you know, way to get a little wet but that’s one of the cons of having that Bermuda grass. I mean it loves to run but the pros is it’s always self repairing… it’s like Wolverine. Another disadvantages of bermuda grass is that it does not do well in cold weather and in the shades as well.

Like I said once for a pool school the back as you can see, how weed eating it out and basically all I do is just take it, pull it back, see a little white stuff. That’s Scott’s lawn fungus control. Sometimes you get that white mildewy. I get right there, that stuff helped prevent those little granules. will help prevent that from showing up. So basically just take the shovel and just pull it back.

I already lined it up with my own weed eater and I just pull it back and that’s pretty much. It’s like I see the one is this kind of on top like that them right there if it was still back there I could spray it with some glyphosate but you have to be careful when being close to the grass because you don’t want to run off.