Planting Zoysia Plugs In Existing Lawn: A Helpful Guide

Do you plan on planting Zoysia Plugs in an existing lawn? These are nice grass types that are fairly easy to maintain, making it a great choice to grow. Don’t worry, as it’s pretty easy to plant them on your existing lawns as long as you follow the instructions properly.

Tips on Planting Zoysia Plugs in Existing Lawn

If you’re wondering how to plant Zoysia plugs in your existing lawn, here are three helpful steps and tips to follow:

1. Prepare Your Zoysia Plugs and the Ground

Before you plant your Zoysia Plugs in areas which already contain lawn or grass, you need to mow the existing lawn as short as you can. Do so by using the lowest blade height when mowing the lawn. The lower the height is, the better!

Once done, moisten your lawn’s ground to make digging easier. Plus, plants can thrive in dry, hard grounds. Water your sod sheets, which come with the Zoysia Plugs. The roots of your plugs need to be moist to maintain its health.

Use sharp shears to cut the sheets into 1-2 inch plugs, depending on your preference. Take note that larger plugs speed up the planting process while smaller ones result in thicker lawns.

2. Plant Your Zoysia Plugs

Begin planting the Zoysia Plugs by planning where to place the plugs in. Make sure that the holes dedicated to the plugs are spaced between 4-12 inches apart, though the exact space depends on the thickness preference. Plant the plugs close together and it has the lawn fill faster while doing it farther results in a sparse covering.

Besides this, plant the plugs using a diamond pattern to make the plugs a similar distance from each other. It also has the plugs grow its roots better. Dig the holes, one inch wider and deeper than the plugs for loose soil. Water these holes only halfway through the holes, which is about one inch of water. Then refill with loose dirt, but only partly (around one inch of loose soil) for moisture. Doing so will give a nice bed for the plants to thrive on, as they require moisture and softness to grow better.

Plant the plugs then bury it using loose soil, covering up to its roots. Avoid covering the entire plug and press it down firmly, creating contact between the plug and roots.

3. Caring and Maintaining Your Zoysia Plugs

Once you’ve planted the Zoysia Plugs, the work isn’t done just yet! You need to also maintain it for the grass to grow evenly and beautifully.

Water your Zoysia plugs every day for the first three weeks, doing so for 13 minutes at a time. Use the gentle stream option on your hose to prevent damage from harder pressure. You’re able to add turf fertilizer after one to two weeks of planting the plugs, which provides the necessary nutrients for the young plants to thrive. After this, fertilize the lawn every four to six weeks throughout its first growing season.

Additionally, don’t mow your lawn for a whole month after you planted the plugs so they’re able to grow their roots to thrive. Avoid applying chemical weed control as well, for at least 45 days after you planted the plugs. This can cause damage and death to the young plants!

Wrapping It Up

I hope that this article taught you how to begin planting Zoysia Plugs in an existing lawn. So don’t wait any longer and begin executing these steps now!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences in planting Zoysia plugs, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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