Picture Windows vs. Casement Windows: What to Choose for Your House in Edmonton?

If you are about to conduct your next home improvement project to renovate your property and boost its value, installing new windows will be an excellent pick for sure. Studies show that Edmonton homeowners usually consider renovating their living rooms first so getting a reliable window for that area is vital.


When preparing this post, we have found many exciting materials by Ecoline, Edmonton windows and doors experts, and today we are ready to share all the details you want to know regarding window replacement as the greatest home improvement you can do for your house. Interested? Keep reading!

Why Picture and Casement Windows Are the Best Replacement Units for Your House?

As previously stated, Edmonton homeowners usually start replacing their windows with living rooms, and for that space, you can’t find better options than picture or casement windows. But what is better? And what to choose for your renovation project? Let’s find out.

To tell the truth, if you are buying quality Energy Star-rated windows, both styles, picture and casement, are fantastic replacement options. So everything just boils down to your personal preferences, your house design and whether you need some specific features of any window type.

A picture window is a non-operable unit, meaning you can not open or close it, hence no ventilation. But some other crucial benefits make it a perfect choice for your living or any other room within your house:

  • Superb energy-efficiency. Because the window is non-operable, there is no chance for drafts to come to your space. Coupled with triple glazing and Argon gas filling the spacers, a picture window is the ultimate energy efficiency window;
  • Amazing unobstructed views outside. Thanks to a huge glass area, installing a picture window in, for example, a living room allows you to contemplate the fantastic views outside;
  • High durability. Picture windows can’t be open or closed; hence there is no chance for breaking a crank mechanism (opposed to casement windows), so these units are likely to serve you long with no need to maintain them frequently.
  • Perfect light control. A huge glass area guarantees much natural light coming to your space, raising vitamin D and the good mood of your family.

A casement window is a traditional unit you can find in almost every Canadian house. Casements operate similarly to standard doors and provide excellent air circulation. Other benefits include:

  • Number 1 window in terms of energy efficiency among all operable windows;
  • Optimal ventilation;
  • Easy operation with a comfortable crank mechanism;
  • Easier installation compared to picture windows;
  • Cost-effectiveness.

So What to Choose for Your Replacement Project?

Well, with the benefits listed above, you should have probably understood that everything boils down to whether you need ventilation for space or not. If so, then go with the casement windows. Picture windows would be a perfect pick if you just want aesthetics and maximum energy efficiency.

Picture vs. Casement Windows: Prices Comparison

Budget is the first thing every homeowner analyzes when the time comes for home renovation projects. And it is even more so if you want to install new windows. Since quality units will not be cheap, that’s for sure. That is why we would like to give you some approximate price ranges for both window types depending on the room within your house.

LocationCasement WindowPicture Window
Basement$535 – $1,022$315 – $1518
Bathroom$446 – $1,032$388 – $1242
Bedroom$444 – $1193$226 – $2324
Bonus room$676 – $1134$420 – $2305
Dining room$550 – $1348$316 – $2072
Family room$605 – $1999$354 – $2661
Foyer$858 – $1999$338 – $1552
Front$583 – $1014$359 – $2933
Garagen\a$334 – $1536
Kitchen$329 – $1356$202 – $2179
Living room$484 – $1614$226 – $2898
Master bedroom$545 – $1304$335 – $2370
Nook$549 – $1149$337 – $2440

Source: https://www.ecolinewindows.ca/location/edmonton/


Installing New Windows: Extra Tips to Keep in Mind

Well, now you definitely know more about which window style works best for your project. But there are some additional things to keep in mind when implementing window replacement renovations.

  • Only Go With Energy-Star rated units.

This ensures you install windows that comply with the highest industry standards and will serve you for many years to come.

  • Deal with a reliable window company

Buying new windows is just a half job done. Getting them installed correctly is even more important since it directly impacts the energy efficiency performance of your units. Strive to deal with trusted local installers that follow the CSA guidelines and your local building code. Moreover, do not forget to check their online reviews and ask for references.