7 Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner, and a lot of people are putting up Christmas trees and wrapping gifts. However, it’s not all about giving the inside of your house a festive look. It’s just as enjoyable to bring a joyous and colorful design outside your home. Here, we take a look at outdoor Christmas decorations ideas that you should definitely consider.

#1. Outdoor Christmas Lights

christmas lights

We all have Christmas trees inside our homes, but why not give bright colors to the living trees in our yards? Whether you have pine trees or shrubs, you can easily place Christmas lights around them. If you want, you could place Christmas lights around fences and on the outline of your house.

​Furthermore, remember to get the right kind of Christmas lights. The ones that are meant for outdoor use should be waterproof and tough enough to withstand the occasional heavy winds. To stop Christmas lights from increasing your electricity bill, you can rely on solar-powered LED Christmas lights.

​#2. Reindeer Decorations

reindeer christmas

If you have a sizable property that can accommodate a complete set of Santa’s reindeer made of wood or plastic, you should go for it. However, there’s nothing wrong with only having one or two plastic reindeer outside your house. As long as they light up well with the Christmas lights, they should give onlookers a positive vibe. Similarly, you can buy a plastic snowman or build your own if there is a lot of snow in your area.

#3. ​Candelabras


For Christmas, it would be a great idea to make even the doorway entrance as inviting as ever. Instead of leaving it with a minimalist look, why not add some candelabras? You don’t even have to buy expensive ones. If you have empty wine bottles, you can turn them into candelabras by placing candles.

​In fact, using wine bottles is brilliant because they usually are green in color. If you don’t like the green color, you can get a bottle of spray paint and turn them into any other color you want. We recommend giving them a matte black or white aesthetic if you want a bold yet classic design.

​#4. Traditional and Modern Wreaths

wreath christmas

The usual wreaths you see being placed at the front door of the house during Christmas feature a round shape. While this will always look good, you can choose to have a square wreath instead. To do this, you just need some bagged moss, enough ribbon, and square-shaped wreath forms. Crafting the square wreaths might take you an hour or two, but it’s surely going to pique the attention of your neighbors with its look and texture.

#5. ​Evergreens In Metal Buckets


You can place evergreens right on your doorstep and around your property. If you’ve been planting evergreens such as juniper and cypress bushes, you’re in luck. All you have to do now is to place your plants inside shiny metal buckets.

​Many stores have noticed the trend and they will offer metal buckets with patterns that fit the Christmas season. If you want a little more flair, you can buy some burlap ribbon to dress up your evergreens.

#6. ​Decorating The Mailbox


Many people tend to ignore the mailbox as a possible area for Christmas decorating. With enough creativity, you can make the mailbox look festive too. If you have enough time, you can buy some colorful paper, several balls, a couple of sticks, some duct tape, and PVC plastic.

Using these materials, you can create fairly large decorations that look like candy canes and lollipops. You can then place these around the mailbox by simply sticking them into the ground. Moreover, you can place some evergreens, Christmas balls, battery-powered Christmas lights, and other ornaments around the mailbox.

​#7. Pinecones And Mistletoes

christmas decorations

Apart from getting some mistletoe to add an amusingly romantic mood for Christmas, you can also reuse all of the pinecones that have fallen from trees throughout the winter season. You and your kids can pick up those pinecones and gather them together.

If their natural appearance isn’t appealing enough, you can color them in green, red, white, yellow, or blue. Likewise, you can hang them around your house in bundles. Simply get some yarn or twine to string them together.

In conclusion, there are many ways for you to decorate the outer portion of your home. If you have a nice garden, you can decorate your plants with ornaments and Christmas lights. Similarly, you can get Christmas toys and reindeer replicas if you have enough of a budget. If you don’t, you can always gather enough art supplies to make your own Christmas decorations.

​DIY projects will take a bit of your time, but there’s something nice when you and your kids can make your own decorations during this holiday season. After all, isn’t Christmas about spending quality time with your loved ones?

If you have any questions, do give us a comment.​

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas