31 Creative Low-Budget DIY Garden Pots That Will Boost Your Outdoor Space

Adding a colorful touch and some inspirational ideas to your garden doesn’t cost you a fortune. Think of those unused items taking too much space in your house.

It’s time to turn them into surprisingly creative and low budget DIY garden pots. Just spend a few minutes look at the ideas below and make every corner of your garden pop up.

DIY Garden Pots

#1. Tin Can Flower Garden

#2. DIY Self Watering Herb Garden with Soda Bottles

#3. Hanging Garden With Shopping Bags

#4. DIY Garden Pots From Broken Laundry Baskets

#5. Remove The Seats From Old Chairs For Flower Beds

#6. Planting Flower Boots

#7. Repurpose Old Funnels For Countrified Containers

#8. Dress Up Your Plan With An Old Dresser

#9. DIY Hypertufa Hands

#10. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

#11. Use Broken Pots To Make Spilled Flower Pots

#12. Planting Flower In An Old Bed Frame 

#13. DIY Tire Flower Planter

#14. Natural Rock Planter

#15. Wheelbarrow Planters

#16. Cinder Block Planter

#17. Repurposing A Shoe Hanger Into A Children's Herb Garden

#18. Turning Old Tree Stumps Into Garden Decorations

#19. Birdcage Planter For Your Patio

#20. Bicycle Planter

#21. Cork Planter

#22. Succulent Teacup

#23. Rocky Bucket

#24. Wine Bottle Hanging Basket

#25. Recycled Wine Bottle Solar Heated Garden Bed

#26. Garden Pot Made From An Old Picnic Basket

#27. Paint Can Garden Pots

#28. Recycled Milk Bottle Planter

#29. Unique Container Toolbox

#30. Denim Jeans Planters

#31. Lampshades Repurposed Into Hanging Herb Baskets

DIY Garden Pots



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