How To Use A Tiller To Remove Grass

Today I’m gonna show you how to use a tiller. The process is fairly simple and I will walk you through it in a step by step manner using this grass removal tool.

Step 1: Start The Tiller

To do that, the first thing that I have to do is go to the lever over there and turn it from the off position to the on position.

Then I have to engage the choke. So I’m going to pull this leader to engage the choke. Then to start the engine of the tiller, I can simply pull its cord and it will start the engine. Now I can push the choke handle in the disengage the choke.

planting in clay soil

Step 2: Engage The Tines

Now that the engine has been started, I can use the handles to engage the tines of the tiller. So if you take a look, there are two handles. When I pull them down, the tines of the tiller will start turning. And I will be able to move forward.

Step 3: Controlling The Tines

Once the tines of the tiller are spinning, you have to control it. So basically if you want it to dig further down and to continue spinning and turning and tilling the soil beneath it, you will hold on the handles and hold it in place.

If you want it to keep going, you will simply pull upwards because there is a pin that holds it in place. So when you pull upwards, the pin will come out and it will continue to move forward.

Whenever you want it to continue digging, you will once again just hold it in place and the pin will prevent it from moving forward. I will move it forward and then allow it to dig in place. Then continue moving it forward.

Step 4: Try Curving

The biggest learning curve when learning to use a tiller is understanding how to control it. So basically, understanding how to allow it to dig in the same spot, and how to allow it to move forward and turn slightly to the left and turn slightly to the right.

I’ll demonstrate a few of those gestures and I’ll try and curve it a little bit to the left, as I am moving forward. I allow the tiller to curve to the left as I was using it.

To do that, I basically pulled up on the right handle and tilted it to the left. By tilting it the left, it continued to curve a little bit to the left and to turn the tiller off, you simply have to switch that knob from on to off.

That’s basically it. That is how you use a tiller. I have walked you through the process in a step by step manner so if you follow along with the instructions, you will definitely be able to use and control a tiller.

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