How to Remove a Sliding Glass Door

At present, there is a huge assortment of various interior partitions by type of opening, fittings, materials, quality, and manufacturer. The most interesting and refined in terms of aesthetics are glass doors. These products are a great combination of different types of glass, wood, and aluminum, an example of high technology and versatility. removal of glass doors.

Glass doors are very highly valued in terms of decorative qualities. Glass can be smooth transparent, can carry sandblasted patterns, stained glass, fusings, can be matte or textured engraved. The execution depends on the customer’s wish or the list of those products manufactured by the company.

Repair of glass doors 

The most common type of breakdowns of coupe cabinets is associated with mirror doors, so it is so important to know how to replace and repair mirrors and glass doors. Frequent equipment are mirrors or mirror doors glued on the outside. The well-known fragility of mirrors often turns into a necessity for owners to repair the mirror doors. Glass doors are very prone to scratching and require careful attention during operation. When repairing the mirror doors of cabinets, you need to remove the damaged part and clean the place for a new mirror. Then you need to make the markings on the new glass sheet and drill holes in it.

If there is no confidence in their abilities, the independent repair of the mirror doors is better not to conduct. Appeal to sliding door repair Kendall in such cases will be more reasonable. 

Currently, there are many online services where you can order a repair: mirror replacement will cost many times cheaper than an unsuccessful attempt at independent repair. 

To repair by yourself or to order? 

In some situations, there is a need to replace the doors due to the violation of their functionality. However, often a simple repair can solve the problem. 


Installation and removal of glass doors is not a complicated procedure, but it requires considerable attention and care, as in any awkward movement fittings or fabric can be damaged, and an expensive thing will become unusable.

In frame models, glass is not inserted into the frame of staples and slats, but is pressed into thin grooves in wooden or aluminum strapping – it is impossible to do it yourself. Therefore, the vast majority of the cloths are supplied fully ready for installation and do not require additional assembly. Therefore, the disassembly of glass doors also means the careful removal of the sash without destroying its structure.

The masters themselves recommend the following sequence of disassembly work:

  1. You must separate the casings from the wall. If the self-tapping screws were used, they are twisted, if the nails are used, the trim is removed with a small nail, the use of glue means that the trim is simply detached from the edge of the opening;
  2. then the hinges of the hinges are removed. At the same time, it is desirable that the glass door be dismantled with an assistant holding the canvas while the hinges are being removed;
  3. the sash itself must be closed with a soft cloth. For this purpose, you can use duct tape, but such that does not leave sticky traces on the glass, which is difficult to wash. Protecting the glass will save it from possible scratches or chips during removal;
  4. the door is removed from the hinges, the fittings are carefully removed and the box is removed if necessary.

Sliding Doors Disassembly Features

The easiest way to remove the metal-plastic box: the fasteners are screwed down with hexagon screwdrivers.

When dismantling a wooden box, the nails are removed by a nail gun. If the nails are recessed deep, do otherwise: saw the racks and tear them off the walls with scrap. After that, the upper part of the box is easily removed.

The most difficult thing to do is to remove the glass from the metal. It has to be sawn by a saw with a carbide disk.

If the glass is tightly fixed in the aperture with mounting foam (it becomes visible after removal of casings), in the upper part of the aperture in the foam pierce a hole. Expand with a chisel so that you can insert a hacksaw in the wood and cut the foam from top to bottom with a hacksaw. Remove the second pillar in the same way.

In this way, the glass doors are dismantled, which can then be installed in another room. For quality work it is best to invite specialists. Except for broken doors there may be a need in the following procedures: restoration work; repair or replacement of cabinet body elements; restoration of facades; replacement of cabinet fittings. Sliding door repair Kendall, Florida can repair the doors of cabinets coupe at home. In the range of their services there are many types of work that will not be difficult for the master to perform.