How To Kill a Mulberry Tree?

If a mulberry tree is putting your home’s structure at risk or making your yard unsafe to walk on, you may need to cut it down.

Some types of mulberry trees, like those in the Morus group, have shallow, invasive roots that can reach the ground below your house and cause devastating damage. We talked to trees to get advice on how to best deal with them.

You can fix bad situations by cutting down the tree and stopping its roots from growing again in this piece.

How To Kill a Mulberry Tree

Why Remove Invasive Mulberry Tree Roots

Many people plant mulberry trees (Morus spp.) because they are easy to care for, grow quickly, and make fruit that is both sweet and sour. While they are useful, they are messy, take water away from better plants, and damage grass, sidewalks, and roadways.

A lot of pollen is made by male mulberry trees, which is bad for people with allergies. Because of this, some towns in North America have made it illegal to plant them.

Mulberry trees love water and will reach out and squeeze through sewer pipes, utility lines, and irrigation systems that are just a little bit cracked or open. It is possible for mulberry trees to damage foundations, but it is usually not because the roots are going through the foundation material.

Most of the time, the roots weaken the ground below the base. The invasive roots can cause the soil to sink, which can cause cracks and warping under and around the base.

In the late 1800s, white mulberry (M. alba) trees were brought to the eastern United States to feed silkworms, which only eat mulberry leaves. The silk business didn’t last long, but there were too many mulberries.

This plant comes from China, but it is now thought to be invasive and can be found growing wild. In the wild, there are a lot of hybrids made from the white mulberry and the native red mulberry.

The Herbicide Method To Kill Mulberry Trees

Cutting down a mulberry tree to size and using a known herbicide to kill the bark and roots is one of the fastest ways to kill it.

Remember to put on safety glasses, gloves, and a mask so you don’t accidentally eat the pesticide and other debris. You should bring a regular shovel, a chainsaw, a hatchet, or an ax if the mulberry tree is pretty tall.

Take out any sprouts or small roots that have grown around the tree with the shovel. Then, cut the trunk as close to the ground as you can. Clean up the mess that was made and mix the herbicide solution the way the maker says to.

The pesticide solution should be sprayed on the stump and roots, making sure the material gets really wet. You can speed up the process by drilling several six-inch holes in the trunk and pouring in the pesticide.

If you see signs of life after a few days, you may need to repeat. After that, you can dig up the rest of the mulberry stuff and get rid of it right away.

Organic Method To Kill Mulberry Trees

There’s no need to worry if you decide not to use drugs. There are natural things you can do to get rid of a mulberry tree problem. You don’t have to use pesticides to kill weeds. You can use white vinegar in a spray bottle instead. You can also use rock salt on the stump.

The mulberry tree needs to be cut down to the ground first, just like with the systemic pesticide method. Then, cover the stump with white vinegar that has not been reduced. On a warm, dry day, you will have to use it more than once to kill and destroy the roots. Also, spray any leafy buds that come up because they feed the roots.

When rock salt is put on the ground, it soaks up the water that tree roots would normally take in. For that reason, dry conditions are made, which kills weeds. As the roots of the mulberry tree take in the salt, toxic amounts of salt build up. To put the salt on the stump, drill holes that are 12″ deep and 1″ wide, then fill them with rock salt.

The Floral Tube Method To Kill Mulberry Trees

This is a pretty simple way to kill a mulberry tree. An herbicide, several flower tubes, and pruning tools are needed for the job.

Pick out a pesticide and put it in the flower tubes. Then, go to the mulberry tree you want to get rid of. Find a branch right next to or close to the main trunk and cut it down to a few inches. Finally, put the flower tube with the herbicide solution inside it and leave it at the end so the tree can take it. Do this more than once, and make sure you wear gloves and protective clothes while you do it.

There will be clear signs of the tree getting weaker and leaf and branch death after a week or two. Now you can either cut the bush down to size or pull it up off the ground.

The Chop and Grind Method To Kill Mulberry Trees

The chop and grind method has been used for a long time to get rid of trees, and it works for mulberries. A tree grinder is something you will need along with an ax, hatchet, or chainsaw.

If the mulberry tree has gotten pretty big, you should hire a professional to take care of it. You can cut away at the main root of smaller species until it falls over. Then, start the cutter and work your way down to the stump and any roots that are close by. You can get rid of any stray roots or suckers that have grown with a shovel or hoe.


Even though mulberry trees have pretty flowers, they are a real problem. Other plants in your yard will die because the roots are so shallow and strong.

The nutrients in the ground that are meant for your plants will be taken away by invasive plants, leaving your plants hungry. You might also trip over it while walking in your yard, so it’s a good idea to learn how to kill a mulberry tree.

Mulberry plants are hard to kill because they keep coming back, so you have to keep going after them until they die. Stick to the right steps and watch out for danger, and you can beat even the tough mulberry tree.


Will Tordon Kill Mulberry Trees?

Tordon can hurt or kill Mulberry trees. Be careful and follow the directions.

Will A Mulberry Tree Grow Back If The Stem Is Cut Down?

As long as the stem is cut off, the tree will grow back. The tree will grow back from the roots that are still there or from shoots that grow from the base.

How Do You Stop A Mulberry Tree From Producing?

If you don’t want your Mulberry tree to bear fruit, you can trim it hard in the winter or spray it with a growth regulator. It’s also possible to cut down the tree, but this should only be done as a last measure.