How to Help Your Parents with Gardening: Guide for Teenagers

Gardening is a great way to connect with your parents through the many activities it entails. It involves the preparation of the soil, planting, weed removal, watering, and harvesting. You get to interact and bond together by talking while carrying out these activities.

Offering a helping hand in the maintenance of a garden that feeds your family helps maintain a constant supply of healthy food. Follow these tips on how to help your parents in taking care of the garden.

Share responsibilities

Gardening requires a lot of effort to keep it alive and flourishing. There is no best way to ensure both of you make a great duo than to divide the work.

You can consider handling the east side of the garden and leave the west for them to manage just as you outsource some of your academic work to the professionals. Yes, I was looking for someone to write my paper for me and I found out Ca.EduBirdie. Since then, I have been in love with their work quality on essays and also the dissertation they helped me with.

Practice purposeful planting

Have a purpose in what you would want to plant in the garden for a self-driven activity. You get to focus on meaningful things that offer great motivation. Grow your favorite vegetables or explore by planting an exotic coffee plant.


Use appropriate gardening tools

Tools make work easier for you by easing the load that comes with planting, watering, and weeding. Ensure to keep your gardening gloves on before using the digging spade to dig out holes for plants and bushes. Seek your parent’s advice on the best tool to use when trying out something new in the garden.

Grow different types of food

Surprise your parents every season in the garden with growing organic crops. Mix these crops by planting them a few meters away from each other in a row. Intercropping makes the most out of the soil layers. It ensures the use of all the soil nutrients under and around the crops. You get to use vacant spaces and suppress weeds at the same time.

Layout a plan on the garden beds

You get to set a good garden layout by first setting a purpose on what to plant. Run basic straight long rows from north to south orientation to expose it to the sun and enhance free air circulation. You can also opt for the foursquare layout, which is good for vegetables.

Prepare and maintain the soil

The growth of healthy plants depends on the preparation of the soil before planting. Ensure you add organic matter to the soil or grow green manures to prepare it for planting. They help in controlling weeds and improve the soil’s nutrients that are good for crop growth. Leave the green manure on the soil surface while harvesting.

Cultivate the garden

Plants need proper maintenance to bring out the best output. They need air, nutrients, and water from the soil to survive. Cultivation ensures they get an adequate supply of these elements by allowing them to penetrate through the soil surface. It helps in controlling weeds and pests that interrupt the life cycle of plants.

Pick on appropriate seeds

Get to plant seeds that will grow well in your home region. You will not be at a loss because they will grow into good and pleasing plants. Be open-minded and pick on a variety of seeds that you can plant early or later in the season. Practicing diversity ensures you learn about the different types of seeds.

Design the garden into an inviting space

Decorating home on a student budget makes you fall in love with the affordable décor. It is also alluring when you design the garden into a convenient space. You get excited going out to the garden and before maintaining the plants. 

Harvest the crops

It is encouraging to reap from your hard work after days of putting effort into maintaining plants in the garden. Ensure to make your parents proud. Show them what you have planted all this while. Harvest them at their peak flavor where they are sweet and nutritious.


Your parents will love the fact that they have a helping hand in the development and maintenance of the garden. They will not mind the many mistakes you make because, to them, making an effort is priceless. Make them proud by ensuring you put the best effort into maintaining the garden. You will get to grow good plants with the best effort put in the preparation, weeding, cultivation, and harvesting.


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