How to Handle Mosquito Infestation in a Garden

Mosquitoes are the vampires of the insect world. These are not just disgusting and filthy, but the insects are responsible for spreading many diseases throughout the world. Their bite doesn’t just cause searing pain that continues for several minutes and a big smudge, but they can transport disease through their sting that can some be life-threatening.

Removing mosquitoes from your dwelling and the face of the earth is challenging as the flies are minuscule and hard to locate before and after they bite you. Moreover, you can never tell a disease-carrying fly from a safe one, so why take a chance?

Gardens attract a number of insects and animals, especially if under-kept. Also, the mosquitoes are highly attracted to standing water even if it was fabricated a few seconds ago. As the monsoon, the rainy season has begun in several parts of the world, several folks would be facing this problem right now. Hence, the following are some tactics for getting your garden mosquito-proof and repellent:

Eliminate Visible Standing Water

This point cannot be emphasized enough for getting rid of mosquitoes or keeping them from coming. The water in the freshly watered pots, plants, and grass can bring in mosquitoes quickly, depending on the city or country. Moreover, places like clogged gutters, birdbaths, drain pots, and so on can also invite the insects. Keeping these areas clean and dry can ward off mosquitoes and also maintain the garden. Keep your garden in good shape at all times to reduce the chances of any insects ever.

Take Care of Rain Water

Standing water supplied by watering or through drains can be handled, but what about rainwater? In areas that rain occurs a lot, people’s gardens suffer from heightened standing water in all places. There will be watery grounds and grass, pots and birdbaths filled with rainwater, including several other places.

Cleaning and drying them one by one can be too much work. For this reason, there are products like a Bt doughnut that is safe to place in birdbaths and other places and repels mosquitoes like nothing else. Other measures can be installing a mosquito-killing device, Citronella oil candles or containers, a fan in the patio that puts off mosquitoes, and several other flies that visit after rain.

Add in Garden Animals

Bringing in different animals like birds can help you with the mosquito or garden-preventing situation. Animals like bats, different species of birds, frogs, dragonflies, and several others feed on insects and can become the natural mosquito repellent for you. For birds, you can add in birdbaths, and bat houses to have bats devour hundreds of mosquitoes. Streams and ponds can be used for keeping frogs.


Nothing good comes from walking uncovered in a field that has mosquitoes. Mosquito bites can sting horribly and, in some instances, transfer dangerous and life-threatening diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and more. It’s essential to protect yourself as much as possible even if there is a chance of mosquitoes occurring due to the weather.

 You and your family must cover up nicely for going out and using mosquito repellents for the exposed skin that are plant-based and skin-friendly. These were some of the ways to save yourself from mosquito bites and the harmful illnesses they can transfer, for more in-depth information, you can go here and get the help needed.

Seek Expert Help

Once a mosquito has entered your backyard, it can start creating a family in your home. Their eggs are difficult to locate and execute. This makes the mosquitoes set camp in your garden and stay there for as long as they want. Removing them can be difficult without extensive knowledge of the mosquito adapting areas and their habits. Clearing your garden of mosquitoes may be controlled, but thoroughly executing the colonies can only be handled by professionals. The task can be dangerous and sophisticated.

Support a Pump System

Since water is the main attraction of mosquitoes, having it standing still in your backyard should be avoided. However, there are places like birdbaths and fountains that can make these insects appear no matter how much cleaning is done. You can keep these systems regulated and continuously flowing by installing pumps that let the water circulate. Mosquitoes won’t be able to get in there and thus be excluded.