How To Plant And Grow Sweet Peas

How to plant and grow sweet peas is not as difficult as you may imagine. Sweet peas are an elegant, graceful and highly fragrant flower and are ideal as a border plant, as a climber or in a container. Therefore don’t think that if you have very little space you will be unable to grow them. They make an excellent cut flower to bring indoors and fill your home with fragrance.

The flowers do not have a long life but once they are cut or die off they are quickly replaced by new blooms.

What you need depends on where you are going to plant them but in most cases you will need some garden canes, unless you are growing them against a garden wall. You will also need some heavy-duty wire; garden twine; secateurs and sweet pea plants. This makes it a lot easier than growing sweet peas from seeds.

Sweet peas thrive in well-drained soil and a sunny spot so choose your position carefully and put garden canes or stakes in the ground to make a row. Attach the heavy-duty wire to the canes to make a trellis for the plants to grow up.

Plant a sweet pea in front of each cane which should be about 9 in apart and water gently. Once the plants reach about 12 in decide which is the strongest shoot and remove the rest. Tie each plant loosely, with garden twine, to the wire mesh frame to support it. On a regular basis pinch off the side shoots and tendrils.

How to Grow Sweet Peas

When the plants grow to the tops of the canes, you can remove the twine and lay the stems out. Then criss-cross them and re-tie to a cane further along the row to create a screen. Alternatively leave each of them growing up its own cane.

To grow sweet peas in a container is not much different and can look pretty and unusual in a corner of the garden or in a backyard.

Choose a container that is at least 12 in wide. Using about six-eight 5ft canes, place them all the way round the container about 2 in from the outside of the container.

Tie heavy-duty garden wire round the top of the canes to pull them all together and get a ‘wigwam’ frame.

Tie some soft garden mesh round this frame so the sweet peas can attach themselves to it and support them.

Plant the sweet peas in front of each cane and continue as for the instructions for planting in the garden.

Sweet peas plants should be planted in March to provide a colorful, scented display and their flowering period is between April and September.

Fully grown plants can reach about 10 ft in height when fully grown. If you do not want them to reach that height pinch out the growing tips when the have reached the desired height.

So now you know how to plant and grow sweet peas you can get started. Remember that the more flowers you pick the more that they grow. Be generous and give a bunch of flowers to your friends, family or neighbours.

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