How To Grow Orchids At Home


Do you know that orchids like babies need special attention? Are orchids difficult to grow?

Gardening and planting must be from your heart to make your plants and flowers grow well. Some questions are to be answered in considering orchids to grow in your garden.

Like other varieties of flowers and plants, orchids want “special attention” to make it grow vigorously. Since the beauty of orchid’s flowers can easily attract the attention, therefore, you must exert effort in taking good care of the orchids the way you take good care of your babies.

Orchid’s grower and lover should keep in mind the following tips to a healthy and striking orchid’s blooms.

Whatever varieties of orchids you are nurturing, think of the acronym “SAI-MVPP” which stands for Sunlight, Area to live with, Watering, Vitamins and Minerals, Potting and Repotting and Proliferation.

Do you know that orchids go for enough sunlight? If yes, then that is a fact.  The more light the better but remember that too much of everything is not good.

Provide your lovely and eye-catching orchids the feeling of the beam of light from the sun.  The more light the happier the orchids.  Therefore, sunlight is a BIG factor.

Comfortable Place

To live in makes the orchids grow, grow and grow.   The orchids should be sited in which it can easily get hold of the air to breathe in.

An orchid growing medium must provide good air circulation and permits water to drain very quickly and it must also give the roots something secure to stick to.

Some media that can be considered in growing orchids are coconut husk, charcoal, tree fern, crushed cork, lava rock, egg shell and man-made mediums or a combination of these materials. Therefore, place must be a conducive “Area to live with”.

How About The Watering?

Water is to life and it is also vital for orchids but unlike human beings that need eight glasses of water every day, orchids should be watered only once a week.

Orchids can survive better in dryer environment rather than one of too much moisture. That is partly the reason why most of the orchids grow beautifully in tropical countries like Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia etc.

On the other hand, to make your orchids mature healthy, fertilize it. There are of course a countless benefits of giving vitamins and nutrients to a growing orchids.

These would serve as a shield against several plants diseases. Fertilizers could be diluted in water and could be applied as spray. But then, it is not suggested to apply fertilizer to a newly repotted or growing orchid. Vitamins and Minerals let them be counted to orchid’s blissful living.

Potting and Repotting?

In reproducing orchids, potting and repotting are two indispensable things.  In general, orchids want to be situated on a moderately small pot.

Mud-pot and plastic pots are ideal since you can easily do the repotting and the roots can be more easily isolated.  Good drainage should be provided also as to prevent too much water block off on the pot.

After Potting and Repotting

Let the orchids proliferate.  How can we do this to our favorite orchid flowers? It is quite very simple but requires extraordinary skills in planting.

Dividing is the commonly used technique of reproducing orchid plants and is considered the easiest one.  When partitioning in plant was done, you have to wait for at least one year to see salient blooms.

Potting and Repotting make it the way to a bountiful orchid’s flowers.
Remember “it pays to make your orchids the best orchids in town!”

Do you know that orchids like babies need special attention? Are orchids difficult to grow? Check out this guide to know how to grow Orchids at home | How to repot orchids | caring for an orchid | how to keep orchids alive #garden #orchid #agreenhand


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