How To Grow Grass Indoors

It’s easier than you think to start a tabletop lawn and your kids will be thrilled to help out.

What You Will Need To Grow Grass Indoors

  • Grass seeds: Check out the seed varieties at your local garden center. Oats, winter rye, wheat, and cat grass grow the fastest or you can pick a variety of shade-loving lawn grass seeds. Your family cat will love the cat grass and you will benefit from growing wheat grass that you can turn into healthy drinks for yourself or the family. Just make sure that the wheat grass seeds have not been treated with chemicals.
  • Containers: You can use almost any type of small container. Small wooden, plastic or metal boxes, berry baskets, pails, clay pots, or even toy trucks make good containers for your small piece of real estate.
  • Potting soil
  • Clear plastic wrap
  • Bottle with spritz top (for watering)

How To Grow Grass Indoors

wheat grass


  • If you are using a wood box, first line the box with a piece of black plastic cut from a garbage bag. Then add in a layer of small stones (you can buy small stones at the garden center or at pet stores) to absorb any excess liquid when you’re watering your lawn.
  • Fill the container to about two to three inches from the top with good potting soil and then moisten the soil.
  • Next sprinkle enough seed so it covers the entire surface of the soil and press the seeds down gently.
  • Lightly water the seeds with the spritz bottle. It’s important to keep them moist, so wrap the entire container with plastic wrap.
  • Place in front of a warm, sunny window.
  • Once tiny blades of green start showing, remove the plastic wrap.
  • Keep the container in a sunny location and water whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. Within a week, you’ll have terrific turf growing on your windowsill.
  • Trim the grass with scissors as needed.

Kids’ Grass Garden

Growing a patch of grass will get the kids interested in gardening because the results appear so quickly.

Clear, plastic containers (from store-bought barbecue chicken or you can use clear, plastic egg cartons) are perfect for junior gardeners as these are portable and the kids will be able to see the grass without having to remove the clear lid.

  • Wash and dry the container well then pour a little potting soil in the bottom tray.
  • Sprinkle seeds on top and cover with a bit more damp soil.
  • Add the plastic lid and put in a sunny window. You should see results in less than a week.
  • Remove the lid and water as needed.

You can leave the grass in the plastic tub or transplant it into a cute container such as an old toy truck.

how to grow grass indoors