How to Grow Grass in Shaded Areas

The choice of what grass to plant on your lawn is not always as straightforward as it seems. Where there is an abundance of sunlight and other provisions are met, you may have a smooth sail, but how buildings and other structures or trees are positioned in the area could complement your efforts or work against them if you do not pay attention to them.

You might have to take a second look at various obstacles and adopt an appropriate management style that keeps your lawn just the way you want it to be. The tips listed below will help you do just that.

  • Choose a suitable grass

The more common grasses require 4 to 6 hours of sunlight every day for them to look attractive and well-watered. You might not be able to do anything about the surrounding buildings shading your lawn, however, you can choose grasses that can cope with less sunlight. For instance fescue grasses, which don’t need much sunlight to grow. To avoid choosing wrongly, read the labels of your seed pack when buying or seek professional advice.

  • Open up shaded areas

If your lawn is in the shade behind large trees, you may have to consider cutting the branches to allow better sunlight penetration. Place mulch to help moisture retention around the trunk of your trees. The moisture will permeate through to the other parts of your lawn leading to greener grass.

  • Lawn Maintenance

For your lawn to thrive, it needs proper maintenance. Adopting the right measures to manage your lawn will ensure optimal growth, even when it is shaded. You could still have a low maintenance garden that doesn’t require a pavement, even if it is shaded or not.

  • Water your garden

If your lawn is shaded and you allow them to suffer water stress and lack of sunlight, they may become dry and die out. Water your garden well but not too frequently to ensure your neighbouring tree roots grow lower and the top of your lawn is moist.

  • Nurture your lawn

Lawns without much shade need to be fed. Choose a feed with a considerable amount of potassium. Feed your lawn once in springtime and just before trees lose their leaves in the autumn.

  • Keep an eye out for Moss

A shaded area creates a conducive environment for moss to grow. If moss starts to grow on your lawn, they will take over your lawn and make it look unkempt. You should get them out promptly. You can use a rake or chemical control to do this. If you allow them to mature they will compete for water and prevent essential sunlight from reaching your grass.

  • Reduce the frequency of mowing

A shaded lawn needs only light mowing. To keep your lawn looking green and attractive, you should keep your grass between 4 and 6 cm. The taller the grass, the easier it is for it to reach sunlight. Ensure you remove lawn clippings after mowing to allow for extra sunlight.

Even your grass doesn’t have access to much sunlight, with these tips you can grow a plush lawn and be happy with the results. Although you may need to dedicate time and effort, the results will justify every bit of it. For additional help, search for gardening services near me on Google to find a local tradesman.