How To Grow Grass In Dry Dirt

Have you ever intended to expand your garden and to grow a lot more quantity of the grass in your garden, but you only have dry, infertilized dirty land? Let’s take a look at how to turn dirt into grass.

How To Grow Grass In Dry Dirt

As for me, the back section of my lawn is full of gravel and sand, though I did install some raised beds. Two-thirds of the property is gravel.

This is what the west side of the property looks like after removing six yards of gravel and sand. After removing all that sand and gravel, I dug down about 6 inches and turned the soil or should I say dirt.

What Is Dry Dirt?

Let’s take a look at what this need of dirt looks like.

  • It’s very rich in minerals that seems to contain mostly sand and clay.
  • It does not absorb or retain moisture.
  • It’s in desperate need of some organic matter.

I went to my local supply yard to get some grass fertilizers and fine bark mulch. This will add much-needed nutrients life and help absorb and retain water.

How Long Does It Take For Grass To Grow

I’ve got the entire surface of the garden area covered with about two inches of compost and organic matter. Now I’m working it in to just the first couple inches of native soil.

Just working it in a little bit and the way that I found works really well. You know, if you just ripped a tiller through here, it might do a pretty good job but I don’t want to work this material in that deep.

What I found works really good is just a pitchfork here you just dig it in and literally lift it up like so, and you can begin to work it in. It goes rather quickly. I did this area here in just a couple of minutes so I’m gonna finish working this in and then bring it well.

Here we have about a 50/50 mixture of compost and the native soil or native dirt. This area has now been transposed into from worthless dirt into a life-bearing soil. I don’t want you to think that you’re going to be able to quickly create the perfect soil simply by adding amendments like compost or organic matter to it.

Think good things take time so there really isn’t any way to create the perfect soil quickly, but this is going to make it happen a lot quicker because now that I have the organic matter. And the life in the soil life will find a balance and life  will continue to work and build a very fertile, very nice soil.

The worms will now move in. They have things to feed on now and I think within a matter  of just a couple of years. I’m going to have some really nice soil there and I could actually start planting my corn  and other crops in that garden area now. And I think it’s going to do pretty well so stay tuned to see how that goes.

How to grow grass in dry soil