How To Get Rid Of Bahia Grass

Bahia grass, also called highway grass, is often used for turf grass or forage and can easily infiltrate your lawn garden or landscape plot as an undesirable weed.

Bahia grass is easily identifiable by its characteristic: y-shaped seed head and present only in warmer climates. Although it will take time and persistence to remove Bahia grass, you can get rid of this pesky plant with the help of herbicides and regular lawn and garden maintenance.

Removing Bahia Grass From Lawns

Apply of post emergent herbicide in May. The first application of herbicide should take place when the Bahia grass is small and just beginning to grow.

Step 1: Spraying

Choose a post emergent herbicide to kill the actively growing grass. Spray the herbicide on your lawn is per the package directions. Post emergent herbicides are available at your local lawn and garden shop.

how to get rid of bahia grass

  • Use metal front to kill the Bahia grass without harming a Bermuda grass lawn.
  • Use med sulfur on set exceeding or  atrazine to kill the Bahia grass without harming a centipede grass lawn.
  • Use  atrazine to kill the Bahia grass without  harming a st. Augustine grass lawn.
  • Use a maza cleaner med sulfur on to kill the Bahia grass without harming a zoysia grass lawn.

Fill in bare spots with the desired turf. As the herbicide kills Bahia grass, bare patches will be left on your lawn to ensure that these areas aren’t infiltrated with other weeds, promptly fill them in. Use plugs or sprigs of sod rather than spreading seeds for best result.

Step 2: Reapplying

Reapply the herbicide after four to six weeks to ensure that all the seeds rhizomes and plants are eradicated. You’ll need to apply the same herbicide again. Wait at least four to six weeks after the first treatment then apply the herbicide to your entire lawn again as directed by the package instructions. The herbicide should not harm your existing grass or the new sod patches.

Step 3: Mowing

Mow the lawn frequently it’s important to mow the lawn frequently to keep it healthy and prevent a re-emergence of  Bahia grass. Don’t cut more than one-third of the grass height at a time or the roots may stop growing. For instance, if you want to keep your grass at a height of two inches five point one centimeters, cut it when it reaches three inches 7.6 centimeters tall six.

Step 4: Watering

Water the lawn only when it shows signs of water deficiency. Watering too often can cause Bahia grass and other weeds to flourish.


Fertilize the lawn once or twice per year. Regular lawn fertilization will not only get rid of Bahia grass but also prevent it from growing back. The numbers of the fertilizer referred to how much nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium respectively it contains.

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